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Airfix Tristar and Harrier GR1

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A couple of recently completed projects first being a refurb of the airfix L-1011 Tristar I build long ago complete with dodgy painting, no straight decals, unpainted and yellowing plastic. Since I had the decals still I refurbed from TWA to Cathay. 
Second is the 1:24 Harrier GR1 that was donated mostly unbuild to the museum I volunteer at (the donor got the kit in 1974 and never got round to building it instead was building the real thing) so I built the model for display at the museum to depict an engine change. Never tried my hand at diorama before so was interesting trying to build jacks etc.  

Tristar before





Harrier GR1 1:24

On display behind our GR3spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png

Relaxing with his bottle of coke whilst others work.spacer.png

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Excellent, I like the Cathay colours. I like the Harrier too. I have to say the Harrier pilot seems rather philosophical about his fate. Proper job not letting pilots near a spanner. 😉

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