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Hello. I didn't post here before. I hope you'll think this is a figure and not a diorama.


I painted a few flats in my teens and have always really liked them. I got some very fine ones which I started in the "Kit you built as a kid GB" last year but I thought they were too tricky to do them justice. I thought I'd have another go in the current, "anything but injection GB" but have left that too late. So, I'm going to do this here which I hope can be OK. This will be pretty occasional while painting some other stuff.


This is Saint Hubertus who had a vision of the cross between the antlers of a deer, which many of you will know from your Jägermeister bottle.


210627d Casting


The casting is from Berliner Zinnfiguren and Hubertus and his dog are about 80mm while the horse and stag are about 25mm. The perspective is a bit wonky, as flats can be.


I'm keen to try painting volumes on to the figure, and so I'm not too troubled about the perspective. I do want to do something about his eye, whose shape is going to be a bit tricky as it stands.


210627e eye cast 1


Photographs in the BZ catalogue show him with a curl at both ends of his moustache, but I think it will be easier to take off the curl on the left, than to add one on the right. I'll try to do something with his monobrow also. 


210627f Spot-welds back


Unusually, the base and the figure have been cast separately and then soldered (?) together. That has made some marks on the front which I'll also try to sort:


210627g Spot-welds front



Thanks for looking. Any comments, and especially help, gratefully received.



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Hi. A little update.


I've fixed up Hubertus' eye and trimmed his moustache.


210703a eye changed


In cleaning up the casting I've got more and more concerned about his left foot: I should get out more. You can see this above. I can't see how to paint it without it looking ridiculous. I do love my samsung phone pen. I've been using it to think about this change:


210704a Foot change projection


That is, to foreshorten his ankle and foot. I didn't want to do much to this before starting to paint, however. Also, if I move his foot I'm going to have to restore the grass where it has been. The whole piece would also need to have something added there, which would be yet more fettling pre-paint. So, I'm still just thinking about it.



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So, I thought about it and thought that foot was going to bother me for the rest of time. I've amputated it with a 15 blade and rebuilt with Magic-sculp.


20210709_234857 20210710_002426 20210710_013549


St.Hubertus is in the business here of being redeemed from his sin of too much hunting. I looked up the "flower of redemption" on-line and apparently it's the crocus. This was a relief! Had it been the chrysanthemum I probably wouldn't have attempted this. I've sculpted some crocuses with Magic-sculp and painted on the petals and some extra stalks with Mr.Surfacer 1000. They're based on a watercolour found by Googling "Crocuses".




Another thing I didn't like in the casting is the ray of light coming from the cross to Hubertus' head.




I thought it looked as if carved from wood and thought this would not make painting any easier. I've re-etched it. I had my heart in my mouth starting his but it was very easy with dymo-tape, needle in pin-vice and no.11 blade.




So here he is ready to paint.




Other work done has been clean-up and filling in the centres of leaves and buttons. This last sounds like a terrible faff, but with a little smear of epoxy putty and a toothpick swiped over, was very easy. I've used Mr.Surfacer also to fill multiple pockmarks on his trousers especially. I notice one on his tunic that needs a bit more sanding. His sash needs a bit more too.  I've painted the grass back on where his foot was and scraped a little space out to sign, hopelessly imagining that this will ever get finished! The R symmetrical to that is for Rieger who was both Editor and Engraver, I think.


See you later,



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