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GBU-53B w/BRU-61 (648620) 1:48

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GBU-53B w/BRU-61 (648620)

1:48 Eduard Brassin




During the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the rules of engagement between the Allied forces and those of the enemy led to numerous issues where the employment of even small Laser-Guided Bombs (LGBs) resulted in serious collateral damage due to the fact that the enemy weren’t in isolation, and sometimes used the civilian population as a human shield.  In order to address this, a requirement for a Small Diameter Bomb was issued, resulting in the SDB, which was capable of hitting stationary targets.  After some unrelated political scandals, an improvement was made to the type, called the SDB II or GBU-53B, which was capable of chasing down moving targets and uses sensor fusion to optimise the search and targeting, landing a 250lb bomb on an objective without the surrounding devastation that accompanies larger warheads.  Their small size gives the added bonus of the ability to carry a substantial number of these useful weapons on the BRU-61 quad-launch rail, permitting 8 or 16 bombs to be carried by one aircraft.




As is now usual with Eduard's smaller resin sets, they arrive in the new shallow Brassin cardboard box, with the resin parts safely cocooned in bags, and the instructions folded around, acting as padding.  Inside are two bomb racks and eight bombs that have separate clear seeker heads, and moulded into the body are the air-deployed wings that give the weapon the stand-off capability that was missing from the original variant.  In service the bomb is called Stormbreaker, and it will doubtless be in service for the foreseeable future in its present or upgraded form with the existing F-18, F-15 and F-22 fleets, plus the F-35 in US and Allied service.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of



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