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Kit - Special Hobby

Paint - all Xtracolour & Humbrol enamels

Decals - Kit

Extras - MPM kit specific etch set.


Bell AH-1G Cobra

Assigned to W/O 1 Dan Shaver

C / 16th Cav

Early 1972.













The same photo again as above but with flash brings-out the brown in the OD.





Bought on impulse from Hannants about six weeks ago and built it immediately ! - this is my very first SH kit and without any bull, I can tell you is one of the best kits I've ever seen. The finesse of the details, the fit, the options (loadout and decals) are incredible, and no I'm not on commission. There is a downside - the instructions are tiny and my 58 year old eyes really struggled at times. Only the slightest smear of putty used on the 20mm ammo bins as they joined the fuselage and that was it. The MPM etch set was / is outstanding and does a lot to the finished kit, well worth investing in.


Not too much else to add, enjoy the photos, please go-ahead and pass any criticisms, ask any questions etc. All the best from New Zealand.







Just noticed the cat hair on the starboard tailplane.... it's gone now ! 🤦‍♂️


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Very nicely done, that looks really good

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