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Airfix Spitfire Vb Trop 1/48 (+ extras)

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I wanted to get this one out the way before Eduard bring out their MkV or it would never get finished.


I added the gun bays on one side from Eduard (I'll save the other side for another day, drilling out one wing was bad enough).

The prop and spinner were left overs from the Eduard MkI Spitfire boxing.  As were the wheels and hubs. And aerial.

The 20mm barrels were from Master.  A big improvement on the originals.

The decals were from AML.

The paint was Humbrol.  29 for the dark earth.  I used 93 for the light earth.  Probably not exact, but it was close enough and all I had in the collection.  The Azure blue was mixed using the old Humbrol "Colour System" (#34x49 drops + #25x10 drops + #33x1 drop).  Luckily they give the conversion of drops to ml. 


Enough waffle onto the pics.
























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