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Lublin R-XII Army Cooperation Plane (9788366148314) Monograph 71 Kagero via Company via Casemate UK


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Lublin R-XII Army Cooperation Plane (9788366148314)

Monograph 71

Kagero via Company via Casemate UK




The Lublin R-XII was designed in the late 1920s for the Polish Army's requirement for an Army Co-operation Aircraft. They were produced in the early 1930s. The aircraft performed close reconnaissance, observation and liaison duties with the ability to operate from unprepared airfields. The aircraft features a mixed construction (steel and wood) monoplane, conventional in layout, with braced high wings, canvas and plywood covered fuselage. A conventional fixed landing gear, with a tailskid. It had a crew of two, sitting in tandem open cockpits, with twin controls. The observer had a ring mounted machine gun.  A 9-cylinder air-cooled radial engine Wright Whirlwind (locally produced) powered the aircraft. Originally built as the R-XIIIA 50 were built, followed by the R-XIIIB  49 produced or converted from the A. Then  R-XIIIC with 48 produced, followed by the R-XIIID with 95 produced.  Later there would be 58 XF-IIIF produced with a more powerful engine. Additionally later on a a sea plane version was also built.




The book is 136 pages long and very comprehensive. As well as some history on Lublin the development of the aircraft is covered including details on all the sub variants. Over 200 photographs are used in this section. There are 10 pages of original drawings. These are followed by 27 pages of scale drawings (in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32) by Witol Szewczyk. There are then 7 pages of colour 3D CAD renders and lastly 4 pages of colour aircraft profiles. Also included in the book are three double sided A3 sized plans of the aircraft in 1/32 Scale. 












This is an excellent detailed book on a little known aircraft used by the Polish Army.  I think you would struggle to find a better book on the subject, it is a credit to the Author and Kagero for the information it contains and the excellent layout.  Highly recommended.




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