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SAMI, MAM, SMMI June issues


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20 minutes ago, Jabba said:

Just a quick one, did you notice the company name at the bottom of the confirmation e-mail? I showed to a fellow co-worker at work who does some modelling for the target mags and he said that it was different to the normal name.

Interesting. Was it not MA Publications?


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It's the same form as usual. The directors of MA Publications are the same two individuals, with the same registered addresses, who are the directors of Triple Six Media. They can just take the intellectual property, i.e. the magazine names, across and try again. They must think we're idiots.


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21 hours ago, mutleyp said:

Triple six media it says. On companies House it says that this is a dormant company, take from that what you will?  Maybe being used as a line of credit? Not sure! 


Perhaps they are using that, as it doesn't have any debt and would be new to creditors, to get the mags published by another publisher/printer. If they are starting afresh with Triple Six, the writing could be on the wall for MA Publications.


It would be interesting to see if the subscriptions transfer over or are lost with MA. Time will tell, but ive heard nothing from MA or seen any announcement to stat that these are available for purchase.


Personally i wouldn't be sending any monies through the website as we dont even know if they have stock! Also look at over issues there were bookmarks showing other pages, all we have is a digital front cover.

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I've been reading through this and it's a sorry state of affairs.  Sorry to hear that Dave has had to take his leave, but I'm going to keep my own counsel on what I think may or may not happen.  I'm mainly clueless anyway, but it hasn't stopped some of you folks from speculating wildly so far.


There's enough information here for most people to make up their minds, so I'm going to ask for the speculation to stop, and for just the facts from hereonin.  Why?  Because you're leaving yourselves and our site (a totally divorced party) open to legal action, if you spout falsehoods either knowingly or unknowingly.  You're also just burning up electrons and stirring up trouble/speculation that may lead back to the legal action already mentioned.


Stick to the facts, and drop the posts dripping with sarcasm too.  It's starting to osund like an episode of The Young Ones on this thread, especially from one or two of the protagonists who continue to pontificate despite already having jumped ship.  One especially seems to have joined specifically to stir the pot, which is suspicious. @DamnFockes I'm looking at you fella. :hmmm:


i'm putting a lock on this to allow everyone to digest the information, and to allow those that are getting shouty time to take a few calming breaths.


Also, for the avoidance of doubt, Britmodeller is a no swearing site, which includes the obfuscated type that was called up earlier.

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