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2nd editions*: 1:72 WW2 Airforce Base diorama


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I agree with @Heather Kay that

6 minutes ago, Heather Kay said:

It’s your model, after all, and you do what you want.

Two additional observations  are that if you intend modelling full depth hangers in most cases the span of the hanger is less than the depth: See:




for example a T2 hanger was 121 feet wide and 240 feet long (37 x 73m) with an overall height of 12m and a clear door height of 7.6m


the other one was that you talk about a Mosquito and C47 pen - in both cases these are most likely just to be had standings rather than a structure.

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Just wanted to say thank you as the feed back and resources for project  the project are helpful allowing for modifications and adaptation, as well as valuable insight for the project 

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Another point - no critics of your plan, just a note - on most Class A fields the T2s were well away from each other.  Often the other side of the field.  Only RAF pre war hangars were clustered like the Belfast Truss hangars at Duxford or the Type Cs at Coltishall.  The concrete hard standings in front usually didn’t appear until after the war with the arrival of jets.  Duxford was still a grass field at the end of the war. T2s tended to sit on a dispersal with a taxiway parallel to it

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Posted (edited)

I'm intending on using GPM 1:72 hangars set for the main hangars which reminds me of the J Type hangar without the external doo supports. spacer.png


also just to mention with the feed back it allows for modification as the first layout was mainly a first thoughts I'm now contemplating how the plans could be modified to be more shaped like an actual base  whilst also containing most of the major elements



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