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Falklands Harrier GR.3 load question


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Hi All,

I am building 1/24 GR.3, which I'm slowly narrowing down to being XZ988 in which Sqn Ldr Iveson was shot down. The mission was an urgent request for air support (if I remember correctly) and I know two cluster bombs were carried. However, would the centre line recon pod be carred for such a mission? Ie, would the pods be taken off if not needed, and if so would the centrer line pylon remain on the aircraft? (I've seen some mention in a forum (could be here) that the pylon was a PITA to fit / remove so was left on even if not needed, but I can't find it again. I'd like to confirm as I don't have a 1/24 recce pod. 


Thanks for any help,


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Hi Gareth,


Some info on XZ988/34 to help you...


29 March 1982 - coded pale blue N of 233 OCU at RAF Wittering, transferred to 1(F) Squadron during April. Allocated fin code Red 34 and outrigger codes Yellow 34. ALE-40 chaff/IR flare dispensers fitted.

3 May - flown from RAF Wittering to RAF St Mawgan and from there to Wideawake, Ascension Island on 5 May.

27 May - 1600Z, flown by Sqn Ldr Bob Iveson with Flt Lt Mark Hare in XV789/32 in support of 2 Para's advance at Goose Green searching for 105mm guns, both jets armed with two CBUs. Held at 8,000 feet by the FAC they thus lost any element of surprise before being called in to the attack. Facing considerable AAA, XZ998/34 was hit by shells from a 35mm Oerlikon on Goose Green airfield on the third(!) attack run. Having continued away from the target area for some 40 seconds, Sqn Ldr Iveson ejected safely at 100 feet seven miles west of Goose Green and avoided capture until picked up by 3 CBAS Gazelle XX380 flown by Lt Scott at 1800Z three days later. 


Drop me a PM and I'll send you some things over to help your research and the build.





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