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Cessna O2A Skymaster 1/32nd scale

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This is the ICM kit of the Cessna O2 in 32nd scale.

A nicely detailed kit moulded in soft plastic.

You get a nicely detailed cockpit, I added some after market seat belts & decals for the instrument panel.

Also a couple of M-16 rifles.

The kit has you fit four seats in the cockpit, but in this role only the two front ones are needed.

There are a few fit issues, nothing major.

The biggest let down is the decals.

Poorly printed, pixilated, incorrect spellings, such as "RESQUE".

I used the AOA set which is superb.

You get sufficient decals to mark up two models.

No stencil data for the weapons though.

Painted with Tamiya acrylics & Xtracolor enamels.


















Thanks for looking :)


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Very nicely done. I couldn't help but notice the off angle USAF and serial number on the right vertical stabilizer and the reason it stood out for me is that I've done the very same thing and been quite annoyed at myself for doing it. I should mention I like the cockpit a lot. Very well done.

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Besides the serial number glitch, the only real criticism I have is you left the battery switch 'on' and the gust locks 'off!' :giggle:



Very nice model! The cockpit looks like the real thing! (Wish we had a better one on my scale than the old Arii kit!  C'mon, Special Hobby!)

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Absolute stunning! Superb modeling and photography.  ICM brought this kit too in 1/32?





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