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WW2 Typhoon 1/72 in a puddle

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Typhoon_DSC0104 - Copy

This is where it all started about 10 years ago. At that time I hadn't modelled figures, dirtied an aircraft or done water!


TyphoonDSC0090 - Copy


Not a hundred per cent but but after spending nearly 6 months with 4 months off something had to give...

TyphoonDSC0090 - Copy



Typhoon_DSC0144 - Copy



Typhoon_DSC0094 - Copy



TyphoonWW2DSC0087 - Copy












Thank goodness its finished I've really had enough of it hanging around as somebody else said number of kits in the stash divided by the kits completed in a year and I've got out to live the photon bath bath when the universe ends 🤣.

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