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"Civilizing" a Bedford Tactical Refueler

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4 hours ago, Sabrejet said:

Nice work there fella

Thanks so much!  There is some progress on this and numerous challenges ahead!


3 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

These look great, what a cracking job so far.

Thanks so much!  Greatly appreciate your encouragement on this.

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9 hours ago, LaurieS said:

Could have done with you on a certain Dart Herald a la Marquette.

I would have been useless to you!  You seem to have it under "control.


6 hours ago, TEXANTOMCAT said:

Great conversion - these JB kits are very nice and the TK goes for a bomb on the 'bay nowadays.

I'd love to see your work, if it's displayed somewhere here!  Yes, very nice kits, and Airfix also produced them for a bit.  Mine was from a local seller in the States, so I didn't pay that much for it.

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