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German Kriegsmarine/Speed Boat Life Raft (N72037/8 for Revell) 1:72


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German Kriegsmarine/Speed Boat Life Raft (N72037/8 for Revell)

1:72 CMK by Special Hobby




Warships sometimes get holed, and by their nature they sink.  Back before ships were made of metal, it was a secondary consideration, but after the massive loss of life when the civillian Titanic went down, a great deal more effort was put into saving those in peril on the sea.  By WWII liferafts were standard equipment on ships of all sizes, with many different styles used by various countries.  Some WWII German Kriegsmarine ships and boats used square rafts with interweaved webbing floors for weight saving, and paddles to allow their occupants to propel themselves around to an extent.


These rafts, or Rettungsfloss in German are resin and Photo-Etch (PE) sets that arrive in their standard slim clamshell box with a card backing and instructions within.  They’re part of the Maritime Line, with a blue watery theme as you’d expect.  Inside each box is a resin raft that has the bottom flashed over, which will be sanded away during preparation, plus a small PE sheet with the floor webbing and a pair of paddles etched into it.  The difference between them is the profile, one square, the other rounded and with an additional rope grabrail around the top, while they share the PE sheet.  With the prep-work done on the resin part, the webbing should be pressed into the footwell, and the corners bent up and glued to the depressions in the inner sides.  If you’re portraying the raft in use, the paddles can be placed in the well, but if you intend to depict the raft in position on the side of a turret (for example), you should glue the paddles to the sides of the raft and create some loops with a short length of tape or brass.


German Speed Boat Life Raft/Schnellboot Rettungsfloss (N72037)








German Kriegsmarine Life Raft/Rettungsfloss (N72038)







We reviewed the 15cm Tbtsk C/36 gun turret recently, which has a little advert in the rear for these two sets, showing how the rafts could be attached to the cheeks of the splinter shroud.  You can check out that review here.



Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of


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