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Recreating oil-canning technique.


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Hi guys,


I'm just about to start on the HK Models 1/48 Lancaster and could use the expertise of those much more experienced than I! While the kit is absolutely superb in its detail, the one thing I find lacking is the distinctive 'oil-canning' of the panels.


So, I was wondering about how to recreate this and was thinking of using Mr Surfacer 500 to raise some panels, and the engraving tool on my Dremel to recess a smaller number. Does that seem like something that could work? Has anyone attempted something similar? Or am I potentially just going to waste many hours on something that may look a little silly in the end? As if I've never done that with a model before... 😄


Any feedback on the idea welcome, or alternative suggestions! Thanks!



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This chap has done some on the larger HK Lancaster and might be a useful insight




I have attempted myself with selective masking and PAINT . . . not to obvious but then it shouldn't be  .  . . 


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Hmm.. he used the 1200 Mr Surfacer instead, perhaps I'll try a less coarse one then, especially as it's a smaller scale.


Thanks for the link! I'm going to do one wing lower wing surface first and see how it looks. At least with Mr Surfacer you can just wipe it off with alcohol thinner if it doesn't work.

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