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15cm TbtsK C/36 WWII German Destroyer Gun (MV125) 1:72


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15cm TbtsK C/36 WWII German Destroyer Gun (MV125)

1:72 Planet Models by Special Hobby




Battleships need guns to make them the offensive weapons that they are, and during rearmament, Germany was searching for a larger weapon for their torpedo boats and destroyers.  The gun chosen was the 15 cm TbtsK naval gun, which was capable of lobbing a 100lb shell almost 24 miles at a medium elevation.  It was a little too much for some existing ships, but when mounted in new builds it was a useful tool.  The gun was typically mounted either singly or in pairs, the former being the C/36 that is the subject of this kit.


The Kit

This kit arrives in a white cardboard box with a large sticker showing off the subject from the front, and four smaller views with and without the splinter shroud below.  Inside are three bags of parts and the instruction booklet.  Two bags contain resin parts and the final bag holds the Photo-Etch (PE) sheet, with the turret shroud loose in the box, but protected by a number of packing peanuts.






Construction begins with the breech, which is exceptionally well detailed, fitting a toothed wheel at the base, and then adding the working floor, aiming and elevation gear to the sides, and a set of two triangular supports for the foot-plates.  The turret shroud has the majority of its apertures flashed over, and the trailing edge needs the moulding attachment points sanding away, after which the various doors and hatches are installed along with their supports, as seen below.  The shroud is then slid over the innards and glued in place.  The cylindrical base attaches to the underside, and the big barrel tube can then be super glued into the breech through the front to complete the job.  A number of scrap diagrams show how the model should look once built, so you have one last chance to check your work before you get too far.  The back two pages of the instructions are covered with adverts for recent releases, and the Life Raft sets that we also have in for review are amongst them, often being found lashed to the sides of the turret on the real thing.





There seems to be a rash of various turrets and suchlike from ships of various eras in various scales, and this one adds a slightly left of field option that is presented in serious detail.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of





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