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Vaurbian Freighter - Finished

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Here's another bits box product from the Lincolnshire Starship Yards. I've swapped over to the Star wars universe for this one. 

The Empire covers a large area. There are numerous worlds and moons, all of which require supplies in order that the people

can exist and perhaps produce items or basic materials that can be used in payment for those supplies. 

They need an intergalactic Amazon Van. And here it is.


The Vaurbians seem to have died out/vanished years ago. Mostly, just these ships remain. They are controlled by an A.I.

which is in a sealed compartment in the ship. (I admit I borrowed this idea from Anne McCaffreys' 'Ship that sang' books.

But, It may be a Vaurbian in there. No one knows. The main thing is, the ships are ancient but keep working.

There is usually a small crew of droids or humans for basic maintenance and internal cargo movement.

I like the idea that the humans are rather like old time Canal boat people and may be family units, with their children

perhaps joining other ships as they mature. Though with FTL drive and associated time lapse they may never meet again!

The ship is atmosphere capable and around 400 feet in length.


The basic shape was a 1/48th F-18. I simply added bits and pieces here and there and faired them in with filler where necessary.



The forward end of the ship is to your left. The green drive unit at the other end.



The drive unit is obviously FTL capable and has been known to pull in any attacking ships. 

Only to abandon them in another time and place, never to be seen again. Hence the lack of armament. 



A view down the spine towards the nose. The odd shaped 'shields' were Airfix Railway Cement wagon parts.

They reminded me of the panels on a Tie Fighter though.



The round (main) sensors on the nose. There is no 'bridge' as such as the A.I. can see all, and it always knows 

where and when (FTL time lapse seems to be mostly ignored in the films) it is.



On the belly the main landing gear doors (with lousy scribing!) can be seen. The brown round thing is the 

cargo bay access. It extends down to ground level. It would be about 7 meters in Diameter

The cargo bay is in the middle of the ship and would be about 80 meters long. A useful amount of space.



Under the nose,



And so, under the tail too.



Rear side view. Here we see a 1/76th truck wheel in a Gazelle Tail Rotor housing. Also a TSR2 bit and ships crane & lifeboat.

And that is your lot until the next build. Any questions or offers to develop the idea for Disney are always welcome.

I know the paint finish and some of the scribing is a bit'iffy', but it was a fun build and will live in the mancave forever.

Thanks for dropping by, Pete


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Thanks for the nice words, Guys.

1 hour ago, Pig of the Week said:

You should do some pics with 'artistic' lighting and a space background !

Ah, would that I had the skills and the gear to do so. 

1 hour ago, Head in the clouds. said:

I still get it back to front though

It's not obvious, is it? But I like that about it. 

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3 minutes ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Thanks for the nice words, Guys.

Ah, would that I had the skills and the gear to do so. 

It's not obvious, is it? But I like that about it. 

Do what they actually did on Star Trek, big sheet of black paper, dig little holes in it, lamps behind, instant starry space.. ! :)

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  • Pete in Lincs changed the title to Vaurbian Freighter - Finished

I really like the background to this, and the way it combines Ma.K shaping with Star Wars details and just a hint of the Liberator too.


NB: When you posted the WIP I went to read more about Vaurbian freighters because I'd never heard of them, and then realised they were entirely your invention :)


Nice work!



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Many thanks to all for the kind words. 

All I need now is for Disney to take this up for the next film and pay me lots of royalties.

This time next year, Rodney, we'll be millionaires!

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Great to see such group of such disparate parts pulled together so convincingly!  and yet - none of them overtly "look" like their origin! Nice build!


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