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1/48 Eduard Bf109 G-1, Obstlt. Heinz Knoke, 5th Staffel JG 11.

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Having inherited 'I flew for the Fuhrer' from my Grandfather and read it repeatedly though my life I can think of no better subject to model.


I plan to use the Peddinghaus decals for Knoke's personal aircraft, a Bf. 109 G-1 when he was with 5th Staffel JG 11 at Jever in 1943.



My well read copy!



1953 First Edition!






I have wanted to build this aircraft for a long time, and now finally feel I have the skills to do it justice.


I'll be working on them in chronological order, so will build my Bf 109 E-3 of Obstlt. Hans-Hugo Witt first.



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I'll be using this boxing of the Bf 109 G-2, which differs from the G-1 in the head armour and the minor difference to the pressurised canopy, so I will be checking as much as I can and if necessary raiding my G-6 kit for the necessary parts to make a G-1 from a G-2.  But in all honesty I think it won't make a huge difference.





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An interesting subject choice with a great story behind it.


16 hours ago, At Sea said:



That single caption says so much about war.

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Great choice 👍


I have read the book too, and really enjoyed it. 


I am looking forward to your build.


Cheers Greg 

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