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1/48 Eduard Bf109 E3, Obstlt Hans-Hugo Witt, JG26, April 1940

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Here is my first entry in this GB, and my first Eduard 109 ever!  Looking forward to it. 


I chose the markings of Obstlt Witt as his survival not only of the Hindenburg disaster but also WW2 interest me, plus the fact he survived until 1976 makes the past seem not that far away!







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As Craig said above, thats an interesting choice of markings.


Good luck with your first Eduard 109, you'll enjoy it.



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Must echo Craig and James in their appreciation of an unusual scheme choice :thumbsup:  Didn't realise Hans-Hugo Witt was also a survivor of the Hindenburg.

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I got a bit carried away so it's not very 'step by step'.

Having limited supplies aboard ship I made some homebrew RLM02 using RAF Dark Sea Grey and Sky.  as it's down inside the cockpit I hopefully will get away with it.


It looks so much worse in the picture than it does in real life!


My love hate relationship with PE continues and as this will be cockpit closed I will not bother with the little PE levers and throttles etc.




For those that are concerned I have a full set of the necessary RLM colours to finish this properly, and the flat areas behind pilots seat are easy enough to paint once the whole thing is zipped up.

This is the first and last occasion when I shall sully my proud Luftwaffe machine with inferior Tommy paints!

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Loving this kit.


It is so well designed and moulded.  

I had great trepidation with the multi part exhausts but they went well.

I will definitely be building another one of these with the engine covers off to show off all that detail. 






Anything I think may be visible through the engine and gun cowl vents got a coat of matt black with some gun  metal and then silver dry brushing.

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Sorry for no step by step updates but this just falls together so delightfully!


A real Mojo restorer of a kit!








In this last picture the stepped panel line is the joint between fuselage and wing, the straight one to the left is a poorly moulded panel line.  I'm staggered by the fit of this kit and have built a few Eduard Spitfires.


Am a fully paid up Eduard 109 fan now!

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This one certainly looks to be coming together well for you :thumbsup:

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Threw some paint at it:






Tamiya AS-9 RAF Dark Green = RLM71

Tamiya AS-29 IJN Gray Green = RLM02

Tamiya AS-5 Luftwaffe LightBlue = RLM65


I think the RLM02 on the topsides looks a little too pale, but really happy with the finish & the masking so may not mess with it.

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