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CAC Ceres

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I have just completed the 1/72 Ceres - an excellent resin kit made by LiftHere! from Serbia. It is pretty much out-of-the-box but i have added the fuel gauge indicators on the wings either side of the cockpit and the latch for the hopper in front of the cockpit. The leading edge slats are mounted on small staples.

The aluminium is Tamiya LP11 and the Dayglo Orange is Mr Color.












I could not have done the model to a reasonable standard without the only reference book on the Ceres



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A nice looking model. I have Derek Buckmaster's book and had thought about making one by converying a Wirraway. Kits normally only come available once I've spent ages doing a conversion.

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Excellent work!  Coincidentally I finished in 2019 the Superspread Wirraway - the unsuccessful experiment that led to the Ceres (guess that means it was a successful experiment?). Model a conversion from the Special Hobby 1.48 Wirraway kit.  Thanks again to @Derek_B for the definitive reference book on the Ceres!  



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That's a great result. Worthy subject for a model, the old Ceres. Love the popped slats. In these nasty Covid times, I'd be sorely tempted to refer to it as The Super Spreader. Cheers!

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