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The Japanese Battleship Kongo 1944 - Kagero TopDrawings No. 110 via Casemate UK


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The Japanese Battleship Kongo 1944

 Kagero TopDrawings No. 110 via Casemate UK

ISBN : 9788366673236




The Kongo named for the 3,691 ft mountain in the Kawachi region of Osaka Prefecture, Kansai, Japan was already an old ship when WWII Broke out. She was built as a Battlecruiser and the lead ship of here Class, she was the last major Japanese warship to be built outside of Japan by Vickers in Barrow, being laid down in 1911 and commissioned in 1913.  In 1929 the Japanese rebuilt her as a Battleship increasing her power, armour; and fitting catapult aircraft.  The in 1944 the Japanese Navy again sent the ship for a major refit. This upgraded the fire control system, the addition of increased anti aircraft defences; and the fitting of Radar. After taking part in the Battle of the Philippine Sea  she sailed to Brunei in late 1944. On leaving there on 20th November 1944 she was attacked and sunk by the US Submarine USS Sealion. The ship sank following detonation of forward magazine with a loss of 1250 lives including her Commanding Officer Rear Admiral Shimazaki. 




This new volume from Kagero gives us 22 pages of line drawings and a double sided set of plans slightly larger than A2 in size. The book and the plans show the ship as she was after the 1944 refit. 







This is another good book in the series. The pullout sheet is also good to see.  This is certainly a very useful book for all modellers. Recommended. 




Review sample courtesy of


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On 6/16/2021 at 7:11 PM, Julien said:


Not recomended.


The length of the ship in the drawing corresponds to the Kongo BEFORE the modernization, that is, 213m. And the version of the ship for 1944, that is, it should be 222m. As a result, the drawing is suitable only for lighting the stove


But the model from Aoshima corresponds to the prototype and in terms of just 222m. The difference is clearly visible in the photo



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