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1/48 Zvezda Su-2

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The kit is in 1/48 scale from Zvezda. Although surface details, are nice, the panel lines are a bit too shallow for me. Construction was easy and straight forward but the clear part need a bit of extra care. Especially when you choose for open canopy position, the overlapping front and rear canopies are moulded in one piece. So it was difficult for masking and painting but finally through patience, I managed to do so.
Painted with Mr.Hobby lacquer paints and weathered using AK Products.


IMG_20210403_161310 copy


IMG_20210403_155128 copy


IMG_20210403_155228 copy


IMG_20210403_155547 copy


IMG_20210403_155526 copy


IMG_20210403_155750 copy


IMG_20210403_155656 copy


IMG_20210403_160215 copy


IMG_20210403_160259 copy


IMG_20210403_160330 copy


IMG_20210403_160602 copy








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I really like this - so good to see something 'unusual'. Thanks for posting, may just be something I'll add to my 'Christmas List' this year !




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Yes, the Su-2 was a handsome airplane, and your build is world-class! You really did well to get the open canopy sections done, but they look great, as do the colors and weathering. I have the ICM 1/72 kit, and it's nowhere near as nice as your Zvezda kit. The Su-2 always looked to me like a VVS  clone of a TBF and an SB2C if you squint your eyes!


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What an incredible build Thant. You are a master craftsman and I really appreciate you sharing your work with us. The weathering you manage to achieve is extremely convincing. This model would look great in an Eastern Front diorama. Look forward to your next build.

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