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HMS Dreadnought 1/350 Revell (05171)


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HMS Dreadnought

1/350 Revell (05171)




HMS Dreadnought was an 18,110-ton battleship built at Portsmouth Dockyard. She represented one of the most notable design transformations of the armoured warship era. Her "all-big-gun" main battery of ten twelve-inch guns, steam turbine powe rplant and 21-knot maximum speed so thoroughly eclipsed earlier types that subsequent battleships were commonly known as "dreadnoughts", and the previous ones disparaged as "pre-dreadnoughts". The swiftness of her construction was equally remarkable. Laid down in October 1905, she was launched in February 1906, after only four months on the ways. Dreadnought was commissioned for trials a year after her keel was laid and was completed in December 1906.

The new battleship served as Flagship of the Home Fleet in 1907-1912 and remained part of that fleet thereafter. Dreadnought served with the 4th Battle Squadron in the North Sea during the first two years of World War I. On 18 March 1915, while so employed, she rammed and sank the German Submarine U-29. From May 1916, Dreadnought was flagship of the 3rd Battle Squadron, based on the Thames to counter the threat of bombardment by German battlecruisers. Placed in reserve in 1919, the once revolutionary warship was sold for scrapping in 1922. Like other ships, the name has continued on in RN History with the first of the Royal Naiy's Nuclear submarines to bear the name, this will be followed by the lead vessel for the next class of Trident Submarines. 



The Kit

Here Revell have re-boxed the Zvezda kit from 2011 . There are 4 main sprues, a small clear sprue and a base for the completed model. The model is full hull in the box but can be cut down if waterline is needed.  First up the main hull is completed from the two sides with 3 internal stiffening bulkheads. Underneath two large hull strakes go on along with the two mounts for the stand.  At the aft end the supports for the four propeller shafts, and the shafts them selves go on; followed by the props. The two rudder finish off work here. 




Once the hull is complete we move to the main deck. After various deck fittings are added work moves to the main gun turrets. There are 5 twin turrets to be built up. Each turret also has a pair of 12 pounder guns added to the roof these were for defence against torpedo boats. The two rear turrets X & Y, and the two side turret P & Q can now be added to the main deck, rings under the deck lock the turrets in place. The main deck can then be fitted to the hull. Along each side the arms for the anti submarine nets can be fitted, although these were removed early on in WWI. 






Now the raised fore deck can be built up including adding A Turret. At the front the anchor windlasses are added with another 14 12 pounder guns. On top of this the bridge deck is added, and to the rear of this the forward funnel. A pair of searchlights go behind the funnel, with another pair of 12 pounders directly in front of the bridge.  The base of the main mast then goes in, and in front of it the bridge. The rear funnel then goes on.  The rear mast gets built up and added between X and Y turrets. 






To finish off all of the ships boats are built up and added to stowage locations and davits where necessary. The top of the main mast is then constructed, along with the top of the rear mast. 





One tiny sheet gives the ships name and Union Flags only. 



This is a good looking kit of an important Royal Navy ship, Highly Recommended. 




Currently, Revell are unable to ship to the UK from their online shop due to recent changes in import regulations.


Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit

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