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Bloch MB.152C.1 (72028) 1:72 Dora Wings via Albion Alloys


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Bloch MB.152C.1 (72028)

1:72 Dora Wings via Albion Alloys




The MB.152 stemmed from the MB.150 deign which lost out to the MS/406 in a 1934 competition to find a new fighter for the French Air Force. The MB.150 showed promise and that is why development was taken further. A new wing was designed and a more powerful engine was fitted. By the time WWII broke out about 120 were delivered, however they were not considered combat ready at the time.  Problems with the tails had lead to them being stored pending modification. Despite these problems some aircraft were modified though they still demonstrated unfavourable flight characteristics. Although outmatched by Luftwaffe aircraft the MB.152 accounted for 188 aircraft for the loss of 86. The aircraft would subsequently be used be the Vichy Forces before being passed to the Romanian Air Force by the Germans. The only other Air Combat these would see was of the 9 sent to Greece (out of an order of 25).  All of these would end up being destroyed though they did account for some German and Italian Aircraft in the defence of Greece. 


The Kit

This is a new kit from Dora Wings and follows on from there MB.151C.1, The kit arrives on 4 plastic sprues, a clear sprue, a sheet of PE, canopy masks (not shown), and a sheet of decals. Panel lines are fine and engraved with some interior detail moulded into the fuselage. Construction begins as you would expect in the cockpit. The four part seat is built up and added to the cockpit floor, PE belts being provided also for the seat. The flight controls are then added. The two part instrument panel gets its gunsight and then this can be placed on the front art of the cockpit floor, Inside the main fuselage halves additional detail is then added to the cockpit sidewalls Once done the cockpit can be placed inside and everything closed up. 






Net we move to the main wing. This is a single part lower with left / right uppers. The main wheel well is built up inside the lower wing then the uppers can be added. Canon barrels are added and then the wing is mated to the fuselage. We then turn our attention to the engine. Two banks of cylinders attach to the rear part with the hub going on the front. The four part cowling then goes on. At the front the propeller is assembled and added.  This can then be joined to the fuselage. Scrap diagrams show the correct mounting angle for this as its not straight.  




Next up the main landing gear is built up and added along with the main radiator and the tailplanes. To finish up the prop is added along with the struts for the tailplanes, pitot tubes, nav lights, main aerial anf finally the canopy. Only a closed canopy option is provided.





The decals are from Decograf, they look good with no issues, there are four decal options provided;


  • MB.152 No.528, 1 Esc GC 1/8, Claye-Souilly June 1940
  • MB.152 No.236, 2 Esc GC 1/8, Velaine-en-Hayne, April 1940.
  • MB.152 No.622, 3 Esc GC 11/6 Chateauroux-Cere June 1940
  • MB.152 No,672 GC 11/9 Aulnat 1942 (Vichy Markings on the nose and tail)





This is certainly a kit modellers of French Aircraft will welcome. Highly recommended.


Available in the UK in most good model shops.

Review sample courtesy of


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