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1/8 Moebius Bride of Frankenstein 2 Diorama

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Hi all, I picked this kit up off eBay last year at a good price, I will be building a diorama as a follow up to my previous build a few years back.


This is a huge kit; shortly after buying it I found a pair of resin replacement heads, which look far more accurate than the kit offerings. I hope to have this build completed by the autumn.


Included are some photos of my previous build and I have a video of it on my YouTube channel (Skyray Models) for anyone interested.




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Hi all, here is a quick build update on this kit. Just to give myself a bit of a challenge I am going to attempt to copy the box art photograph, which will mean painting up the model to look like the original black and white 1935 movie sequel.


So, only using shades of black, white, grey and similar shades to achieve something that looks convincing, I have to first consider where the light in the diorama is coming from.


I had started to paint in highlights and shadow effects that show the light is streaming in from the right side of the model. I hope you can see from the photos how this is starting to develop. The figures and base have been black base coated then light grey oils will be used for the highlighting together with various darker shades of browns and dark blues blended with engine oil and Starship filth oil paints.


I fitted the base of the model on to some scrap marine ply which was given a skim of body filler and before it had time to set, I pushed a flat blade screwdriver into the surface to create the stone floor panels. I also used body filler to fill in the gaps in the back wall and make it more solid.


The box art shows some large glassware behind the figures, I will be using some vintage laboratory equipment to replace the small plastic accessories found in the kit. I have replaced the back shelving with a more accurate large shelf for the glassware to sit on. There's still plenty to do, but I hope you enjoy the photos for now and as always, I look forward to your comments.



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8 hours ago, dickbarton99 said:

how did u do the lights

By lights, I simply meant adding shades of dark and light oil paints to create the effect of shadows on different surfaces and objects to give more depth to the scene.

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Hi all, I have made more progress on this project, it's about 85% completed.


The Monsters clothing lacked detail, so I made a knitted jumper with torn sleeves out of kitchen paper towel which was super glued to the chest and arms, then painted black and dry brushed to bring out some details.


The Bride's dress was painted black then white followed by light greyish blue oils to soften the folds in the dress. Also, I used grey acrylic paints and dark tone oils to give a de-stressed look to the leather couch and the jacket of the Monster. The glassware was tinted with clear 2k clear lacquer mixed with clear blues, yellow and Tamiya smoke paints.


I have some more glassware to add and some electrical lab equipment which will complete the diorama. It will have a small amount of lighting added just to add atmosphere. As ever thanks for looking and I always appreciate your comments.




As the England football team are doing so well in the Euro 2020, I couldn't resist this last picture. 😂



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Braver man than me with the greyscale,looks great, and building up the back wall makes a big difference to the whole presentation

But what did they do after the footie



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Laughs and giggles
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