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Westland Lynx AH1GT - Airfix/ Air Graphics 1/72

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Another one for my Gulf War collection - this the old Airfix Army Lynx kit as the base, with the Air Graphics set to create an AH1GT with TOW missiles and exhaust diffusers. There is not a huge amount left of the original kit with the upgrade set giving you new interior, upper fuselage, tail, nose and rotor head.




Although I find these extensive conversions somewhat intimidating, this was actually a very well thought out and well fitting set - you definately got the feel that the mould designed would have actually completed one of his own creations whereas some conversions are so ill-fitting you wonder if the designers ever bothered with making one!!




I did sand down the upper door rails a little - these had faithfully replicated the Airfix ones designed to allow the doors to slide but as a result are more prominent than on the real aircraft (unlike the Hobby Boss Lynx where they are totally missing). You need to build some of the TOW missile bracing from bits of sprue although you cant really make it out in the pics. Paint was Xtracrylix Desert Pink over Light Stone, with the decals coming from one of the old Modeldecal sheets.




Hope you like!!




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1 hour ago, Smudge said:


Can I press you for the decal sheet number, please? I like the nose art :D


It’s Modeldecal 115 - actually it’s not one of the Gulf War specials. Air Graphics also have this aircraft on their Lynx sheet.

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Great looking Lynx Pat & good to hear the conversion set actually fitted! I have the Juno & Jupiter sets and am deliberating going for the Wildcat conversion too (for when I retire!).




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Great looking Lynx, lovely build and finish. How did you find ordering from Air Graphics? I tried them a few years ago, but had to claim my money back as nothing was forthcoming after a few weeks. So not keen to repeat, which is a shame as they have some lovely stuff and clearly as you have so admirably demonstrated enable some great looking aircraft. Cheers Neil

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I know this is a old post but I'm currently doing this conversion at the moment. Did you need to use a lot of filler on the rear tail boom with the new gear housing? It doesn't say to remove the one on the model but I guess you fit it in top? Help would be very much appreciate.


Ace looking model too,I hope mine comes out somewhere close.

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