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de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 1/72 Revell (03866)


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de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2

1/72 Revell (03866)




The DeHavilland Sea Vixen was a twin boomed fight designed for use by the Fleet Air Arm in the 1960’s. It was the first British twin seat aircraft that could achieve supersonic speed, although not in level flight. While it was a great improvement over the previous FAA aircraft, it could be difficult to handle and many were lost in crashes during its operational history. The Royal Navy Historic Flight current has the only flight worthy example, although this too had an accident not long ago where its hydraulic system failed and it had to be landed on its belly at RNAS Yeovilton. This caused considerable damage to the underside of the fuselage, and it is now highly unlikely to fly again.



The Kit

Here Revell have reboxed the Cyberhobby kit from 2013, which was a re-issue of their FAW.1 kit with new parts for the FAW.2. This is released under their "British Legends" box art.  the kit arrives on three major spures, two smaller sprues, and two clear sprues. the parts are very well moulded with fine recessed panel lines, the slide moulded single part tailplanes looking very good indeed. There is the option to fold the wings included in the kit. Underwing stores include a pair of Red Top missiles, 2" Rocket pods and fuel tanks. Both styles of canopy for the radar operators station are included in the kit. 




Construction starts with the cockpit. There are single part seats for the the pilot and the radar operator. Consoles and side consoles are added along with the instrument panels. Details here are provided as decals. Once the cockpit is complete the sub-assemblies for the intakes and exhausts are made up.  Now we turn to the large main body mouldings. Holes must be drilled for the wing pylons, once this is done the wheel wells and additional intake parts are added.  The intakes and exhaust, and cockpit can then be added in. The radar operators side window is then placed in the upper moulding before the two are joined.




At the rear of the top body there is a housing for the emergency RAT which can be modelled deployed, or this area can be closed up as the modeller wants. At the front the nose cone goes on, and at the rear the exhaust nib follows.  The modeller must now decide whether they want to fold the wings or not as different parts are used for this on the main body. To the rear the tail and its supporting booms are made up and added on. The wings can then be assembled as needed. Here separate flaps are provided as single parts for the open wing, or two part for the folded wing. There is detail in the wells but no option on the instructions to show them extended. If building the wing down the outers can now be added in place. Following this the tail booms go on with the enlarged fuel tank parts going on over the wings. 




Moving to the underside of the aircraft the large central air brake is added, this can be either in the open or closed position. If modelling the aircraft in flight all the gear doors can be closed up (though its worth mentioning no pilots are provided in the kit).  If modelling the gear down then the gear legs and wheels can be built up and added.  Moving to the rear the large arrestor hook assembly is built up and added, again this can be raised or lowered. The canopies are added at this stage along with the wing mounted re-fueling probe and pitot tube. The prominent wing feces are also added at this stage. Underwing pylons ad armaments can be added as required. If you were modelling your aircraft with folded wings the outers can now be added with the stays to hold them up. 





Decals are printed in Italy by Zanetti and should pose no problems. 2 options are included;


XJ609 - 890 Sqn Fleet Air Arm, RNAS Yeovilton 1971

XJ578 - 899 Sqn Fleet Air Arm, HMS Eagle, 1970





This is a well thought out and executed kit of the Sea Vixen FAW.2. Its great to see it re-released by Revell as its now readily available with a good quality decal sheet, though with fewer options than the original. Highly recommended. 




Currently, Revell are unable to ship to the UK from their online shop due to recent changes in import regulations.


Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit

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On 6/12/2021 at 1:31 PM, Julien said:

Both styles of canopy for the radar operators station are included in the kit

I know that purists aren't too keen on this kit, but as I conducted the funeral of the engineer who redesigned the canopy I feel I owe it to him to get one. Handy to know that the later canopy is included- thanks

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1 hour ago, Beermonster1958 said:

I'm not familiar with this kit but, from the parts layout, it looks as if the FAW 1 could also be built? 

Am I right? If so, I might lay in a few of these! 😊




It does look like it's just the FAW1 kit with added FAW 2 sprue - FAW 1 parts layout below -  However they have amended the upper fuselage around the observer's cockpit to put the bulged part in, so you'd need to remove that


Edited by Dave Fleming
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