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IL-2 stormavik- 1/72 scale-zvezda

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Hi all,

My finished il-2 here: This is my second wing-ed thing and really learned a lot. I made some major mistakes on it, like breaking the prop off ...twice. I'll have to practice getting the join between the two halves of the fuselage to not have that massive seem running down the middle. In future I'll putty and sand. Got a small blob of super glue on the top of the fuselage when attaching the antenna. 

   Didn't realise their was a speciality type of modelling masking tape to use for masking so used good ole normal masking tape, which allowed the paint to bleed through underneath and then became quite rough around the tail area. 

    I hand painted the canopy (because of my above mistake with the masking tape and was awaiting the Tamiya tape to arrive and very impatient to get it done.) 

    The dials are hand painted as I thought the kit would come with some sort of decals/cockpit decals/detail.

Also the kit didn't come with figures and I couldn't find any soviet ones in 1/72-both gunner and pilot are US but I figured better with someone flying the plane than it being the mary celeste of the sky!

See my finished diorama which features this bird: HERE


P1020144 P1020143 P1020252 P1020250 P1020248 P1020247 (2) P1020245 P1020234 P1020215 P1020214 P1020165 (3) P1020161 P1020159 P1020158 P1020157 P1020156 P1020155 (2) P1020154 P1020152 (2)

Thanks for viewing. All feedback welcome!


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