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Hasegawa 1/72 UH-60A Black Hawk - AUS Army

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Fresh off the bench is the Hasegawa 1/72 UH-60A Black Hawk.


This was built as an Australian Army Black Hawk in operation by the RAAF's Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU). Kit was built OOB with Hawkeye Decals for the ARDU livery.

This model is not entirely accurate, as Australia apparently operates the S-70A-9 export version Black Hawk, which is more akin to a UH-60L. I'm a 'close enough is good enough' kind of model maker, and it looks like an Australian Black Hawk to me. Those that care can pretend it's a UH-60A on loan to Australia for user trials.


This was my first time doing a helicopter, and won't be the last.

I tried to add some tonal variation to the camouflage using pastels at the end of the build rather than during the painting phase. It mostly disappeared under the final protective dull coat, and is not noticeable at all in the photos. I'll stick to doing variation as part of the painting from now on.

The Hawkeye decals included a full range of stencils, and really added some life to the sparse panels of the Hasegawa kit. 

Rotorblades were drooped using near-boiling water and bent to shape.


I'm not a photographer, but I've tried to touch up my dodgy phone pictures with a bit of basic Photoshop as they were originally very dark. 


As always, CC welcome.












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Love your work there, Mate!

I have no idea of the ins & outs of Blackhawks so I totally support your approach to it.

The excellent result convinces me of its "reality" and that is what matters, I think.


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Nicely done Lewis 🏆


The main external difference between the UH-60A and S-70A-9 is the horizontal stab, ours use the squared off stab where as the UH-60 s has tapered tips.

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