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Wood grain effect decals

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Hey guys,

I'm thinking of getting wood grain effect decals for covering parts of wings and fuselages of aircraft scale 1:32 and 1:48.

does anyone have any recommendations for this? Any techniques to do this well, where would I be able to get such decals, alternative methods, etc.

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You certainly can get such decals in 1/48 and 1/32

Just search Hannants for 'wood'


Usually it comes on a clear film so you put on a base coat of paint which can alter the type of wood depicted

I have a few sheets in 1/48 for use on WW1 Albatros D.III

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Posted (edited)

Thanks, I didn’t spot them there earlier. Found them this time round 😊
What is your experience in applying them and getting them to conform the texture on the surface (eg panel lines) you put them on?

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I've not used any of them yet but I reckon they are similar to WW1 German lozenge decals; they usually conform fairly well but plenty of Micro-Sol helps

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I've used them, beware that they are very thin, easily torn and are super sensitive to setting solutions. It appears that they are designed to be used over a base brown wood colour, to just give the grain effect. I also found that the HGW adhesive was very weak, and I had issues with flaking when dry.


However properly applied they look good





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