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M3 Grant reference book

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Just a quick question, ignoring the presumably superb book on the subject by David Doyle and costing £60 (currently £40 at Amazon but still too expensive) what would you recommend as a single source modelling reference?

If there was a Tankcraft that might do, but there isn't, or a Haynes for that matter. Mr Doyle has only recently released another book in the Legends of Warfare series and costing a much more reasonable £13.64 from Big A. I don't want the drawings book by Kagero written by Mr Z but then there is the Osprey New Vanguard? Then the 'Tanks in Detail' volume by Terry Gander gets an interesting write up by a chap who seems to know his stuff and rates it slightly higher than the New Vanguard. But that was in 2018 so what's the current opinion ?

Thank you 

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