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Being a spacecraft modeller, there are precious few models available, with many of the more obscure subjects only being available as 3D printed models.

One kit subject I'm after is only available as a 3D printed model.  The cheapest I can find is £42, yet I can download a high resolution STL file for free.  I'm thinking more and more about buying a resin 3D printer and will probably go for a Elegoo Mars (not sure which model to go for yet).

So, I'll be wanting to print one-off high resolution parts and speed is really not much of an issue.  What resin would you recommend I use?



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I've been using Elegoo's ABS like resin (the grey one) very successfully since I started about two months ago. I was using AnyCubic's basic black resin just before that, but the Elegoo stuff seems less finecky 


However I have been told on these forums that Elegoo's water washable stuff is good, so I am going to try that, not least because of the strong smell of the other resins, plus the need for IPA to do post print clean up (IPA is not freely available here). I have a bottle on order and will report back once I've done a couple of prints



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