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1:16 Airborne Miniatures Special Forces figure

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So this is my first time attempting to paint a miniature. I usually build spaceships and planes, but I wanted to try something different to develop my painting skills. Hoo boy...


I was going to attempt a forest Multicam camo pattern but I've changed my mind and I think I'm going to go with a desert Multicam. I may change my mind again.


Not a whole lot of progress so far. I'll try to document my work better than I usually do. 


The parts. Some have been cleaned up, others have not. 





Partially assembled



Black primer, then gray primer sprayed from above to accentuate shadows and highlights



Starting on the face






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Not a whole lot of progress to report, I'm afraid. I'm having a hell of a time getting the camo pattern on the helmet. I've already stripped it off twice. I did find a camo guide that may be helpful. At the moment I'm waiting on two paint colors I had to order that I couldn't find locally. 


In the meantime I finished up the face and shoes. Again, apologies for pictures, I only have my phone to use. 







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