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Greetings from Warwickshire

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I've recently retired from full time work and have returned to a hobby that first started back in the 1960s when I was 8 years old and Dad bought me an Airfix 1/72 Auster Antarctic kit from our local Woolworth store, back when the entry level range came in a poly bag and cost 2'/6d (Half a Crown). I seem to remember he actually built it, but it got me hooked. I have fairly eclectic tastes when it comes to subject choice, which spans Aircraft, Space Craft, Ships, Vehicles and SciFi. Recent builds have included the classic Airfix 1:600 HMS Hood, Revell 1:600 USS Enterprise (the Star Trek version, not the USN ACC), Airfix 1:48 Hawker Hurricane 1A, Airfix 1:48 Albion Refueller and Airfix 1:48 TSR2. Next build from the stash will be a toss up between the Eduard Profipack 1:48 Spitfire Mk1a or Revell 1:225 HMS Victory.

If your interested, check out my Hurricane & TSR2


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Hello Nelly … :post1: from the other side of the pond in the windy city of Chicago. Im mostly aircraft here, 30’s to modern. Sometimes I occasionally build armor, sci-fi, or more recently my first ship in 27 years. 


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On 10/06/2021 at 15:49, ArnoldAmbrose said:

Gidday Nelly, welcome aboard. I'm into 1/600 ships myself, and am keen to see your Airfix HMS Hood. Regards, Jeff.

Bonser Arnold! Check it out here: 


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On 10/06/2021 at 19:40, ian fish said:

CV22 Here - Newish to the area still looking for those "local" modelshop gems. 


Northampton Model shop is my favorite.

Model shops are sadly a dying breed and there aren't too many in our area. Fortunately, the interweb means you can pretty much watch a kit review and order anything you need on-line. Not the same though. I was brought up in Essex and I still have fond memories of hours spent purveying the stock of kits in a model shop on North Street, Romford almost every Saturday afternoon in the 1970s.

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