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Ilyushin confusion

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Morning all I am the proud owner of a trumpy il28 and have been staring at pictures of real 1s and reeding of other people's experiences of it and I'm confused

I have cut the tail off because I want a sovet 1

Is that correct?

I have also decided to paint the gear bays silver with an orangey clear Laker like I saw in a walk round of a polish example that I can no longer find 

Dose this sound Wright ?

Any help gratefully received

Happy modelling

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Hello Ed 209,


I have the Trumpeter example in the stash, but I haven't built it. There are some problems with the accuracy (at least in my two examples).


- the wing is far too thick and the wing leading edge too blunt

- there is weird "inverted gull wing" effect in the kit; the wing should be straight with zero dihedral when viewed from the front.

- the main landing gear legs are too tall; they represent an aircraft in flight

- the basic Soviet bomber variant had a ball turret at the rear. The Chinese Harbins had a modified rear turret


Il-28s received a yellow primer all over. It is an opaque paint, so don't create a translucent effect on aluminium base paint. The shade varied from lemon to buff. Basic colour can be as bright as Humbrol 154 (which I used for my project). Use different shades of yellow for details. Landing gear legs are medium blue grey and wheel hubs dark olive green.


You can find more details of an Il-28R here:




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Thank u antti did find that wip and what a build that is love the bomb aimers lino

I'm more of an assembler these days and am happy if it looks like it's subject but it is nice to get the colour right

I do have 1 more question is the big bomb in the kit an RDS 4

Thanks again

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