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Eduard 1/72nd Fokker D.VII - which parts for a Dutch one?


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Good morning, 


I'm really stepping out of my comfort zone here - I want to build this Dutch Fokker D.VII: 




out of this kit: 




Now, unfortunately I know next to nothing about anything pre-WWII, and have very little references on them. The Eduard kit has several options for fuselages, engines, wheels, guns etc. - would anyone here happen to be able to advise on which specific parts to use for a 1930's Dutch example? 


Thanks in advance for any insights..! 





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The only reference I have for Dutch D VIIs is "Air Enthusiast" No38,Jan 89.

It would seem to be a D VIIF(BMW engine).

According to the article, there were extra instruments in the cockpit-ASI,

altimeter,temp.gauge etc. and at some stage the German MGs were replaced with 

Vickers guns.

The article was about flying the Fokker in1937 in a training unit,so date unknown 

for the re-armament.

Hope this helps


Derek S

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For a start, you might visit this site Jonkerweb for some background.  My suspicion is that any Netherlands D-VII after 1925 would involve serious conversion, and I'm not sure good data is easy to come by.  After that date the D-VIIF's were given new engines, radiators, reshaped cowls, and (for some) headrests.  You should be able to cobble out an earlier Orange disc period aircraft and the instrument panel shown in the link would be close.  As I recall, the D-VII in Soesterberg is actually a rebuilt German machine, while the example in Germany is a postwar Netherlands aircaft.  They ought to switch!

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The Dutch D7 was used by 3 different arms: the aviation dept of the army (LVa, 2## numbers), of the navy (MLD, D-numbers), and of the NEI army (LA-KNIL, F-numbers). 

They were khaki overall (FS 14064, RAL 6014). The headrests were only used by the MLD, after the 1926+ refurbishment, i.e. with the new engine. Those also had unpainted engine covers for a while and - in the 1930s - blue undersides (FS 15189~15275, RAL 5018). 


Here a collection on the Dutch IPMS site, the second table has a link to a magazine article with plenty of drawings, engine differences and (if you squint) drawn cockpit details.

Dutch Fokker D.VII, IPMS info


Here a walk around of the one in the Netherlands Military Museum, ex German, so not sure if the cockpit is correct.

Dutch Fokker D.VII, NMM LVa walkaround


Here some info on the ML-KNIL schemes:

Dutch Fokker D.VII, LA-KNIL


Special unit insignia were used by the LA-KNIL (a white cat, see third link, and a penguin), and in 1926-27 the MLD  (blue bands on wings and fuselage, the ones with the new engine).

There was one light grey 2 seat version given by Fokker to the leader of the army demonstration unit. It had a different engine, bigger span, and long exhausts running to the tail.

In 1918 there were a few interned German machines, with orange circles painted over the black crosses, but these were all owned by Fokker (and I suppose used for the first production orders for the Dutch). In the 1930s there was one Dutch D.VII owned by Fokker himself.


The easiest to model with the Eduard machine is the early Mercedes or BMW engined type.

This Dutch shop has the decals: Dutch Decal 1/72 No. 72071, and of course I have to include these: Dutch Decal 1/48 No. 48022


When it's ready, photos please!


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