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Anti-Flak Mossie - 404 Sqn RCAF, Banff Strike Wing 1945

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Thanks James and John 

1 hour ago, 81-er said:

Shame about the gap in the masking


47 minutes ago, Biggles87 said:

Shame about the errant green shape, I don’t suppose you’ll be able to disguise it as weathering.

I used the Alclad Mil-Spec Med Sea Grey so it'll look like a repair patch. That's my story at least 🤣

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On 7/22/2021 at 4:33 PM, bigbadbadge said:

Oh yes looking great with the camouflage on the green looks good with your shading effects too. Great job fella it's going to have an impressive in your display.

Thanks Chris, once again 👍


Decals on:

tn_Mosquito VI (61)

Main markings are Xtradecal, stencils by Aviaeology. All behaved themselves, although the Xtradecal sheet is incomplete - it lacks the 'Anygumchum' name/title on the left nose. To be fair, they probably left it off as there are no definitive photos or sources for what was actually written on it!

I used @stevehnz's diluted Klear technique and it was very successful. Thanks very much for that top tip Steve :thanks: 

tn_Mosquito VI (65)

Added some bare-metal patches where the exhaust shrouds were removed - the extra few knots speed also increased endurance for these long-range missions to the Skagerrak, northern fjords and Kattegat to attack German shipping.


tn_Mosquito VI (66)

Long-range slipper tanks added, along with the washes.


Final flat coat:

tn_Mosquito VI (67)

Ready for the masks to come off next. Very happy with the look of it so far!



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