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Chernobyl #5 Evacuation (35905) 1:35 ICM via Hannants


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Chernobyl #5 Evacuation (35905)

1:35 ICM via Hannants




After the partial core meltdown at Chernobyl in 1986, a massive clean-up operation was begun almost immediately to help damp down the radiation in order to help clear away and reduce the contamination that had escaped the burning reactor after the accident.  Due t the highly radioactive surrounding a large area around the plant extending 30 kms was evacuate. This area of 2,827 square km was later extended to 4,143 square km.  The evacuation of civilians was not immediate following the accident, but was begun once the seriousness of the accident was realised. Originally people were told they would only be gone for 3 days and to take minimal belongings, however this was only to speed up the evacuation as those in charge knew people would not be returning. Over 53,000 people mainly from Pripyat were evacuated at the start, however the expanding area of evacuation in the time following the accident meant over 135,000 people would be displaced. 



The Kit

This figure set depicts a group of 5 evacuees, and is part of the recent Chernobyl themed series that ICM have been releasing lately.  The kit arrives in a slim, top-opening box that is larger than the usual figure box, due to the cardboard diorama base that is included.  It’s a new tool, so the sculpting and injection-moulding is thoroughly modern, with excellent detail.  The background is also very effective for its simplicity.




The five figures are 4 adults and one child with accompanying suitcases and bags. As usual with ICM figures their sculpting is exceptional with crisp detail and sensible parts breakdown into torso, legs, arms, heads etc




The folding backdrop is made from a single large piece of card that has been pre-folded in three places to enable easy construction, with a tab to join the right side to the base and create the three-sides diorama.  It is well-painted and has a plastic construction entrance to the building to build up and add if the modeler wants to. 







Another great Chernobyl themed set that opens up many diorama possibilities separately, or when coupled with some of the other kits in their range.  It was a horrific disaster that has lingering effects even today, and we would do well to remember it to avoid similar catastrophes in the future.


Very highly recommended.




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