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F-16D Tigermeet 2014 (03844) 1/72 Revell


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F-16D Tigermeet 2014 (03844)

1/72 Revell




I would pretty much assume that almost all modellers reading this review are familiar with the F-16 Fighting Falcon. It is probably the most used combat aircraft in the world at this time. The F-16 was developed by General Dynamics for the USAF. This was as a result of proposals for an Advanced Day Fighter Concept. Following on from an Air Force study group the idea of a Lightweight Fighter was developed. Certain elements of the Air Force remained hostile to this as it was perceived as a threat to the then F-15 programme. In 1972 General Dynamics was awarded a contract to produce the YF-16. The aircraft introduced numerous innovations in fighter design, including a frameless bubble canopy affording the pilot greater visibility. Air-to-air missiles were mounted on wing tip pylons to free up underwing stations and the central control column was replaced by a side stick controller. The pilots seat was reclined by 30° to reduce G forces. In technological terms the aircraft was one of the first to use fly-by-wire and relaxed stability were by the computers actually flew the aircraft instead of conventional inputs. Like many aircraft the F-16 has developed over the years, probably to point where the original designers would marvel at the difference between the YF-16 and the latest 2 Seat aircraft with external Avionics spines & conformal fuel tanks. It has certainly gone from a Lightweight fighter to a more overweight example, no doubt like a lot of us over the years! It is estimated over 4500 F-16 aircraft have now been produced.



The Kit

Here Revell have re-released their own tool kit which traces it's history back to 2000. Here all the parts except the canopy are in the box for the single seater aircraft with an additional sprue providing the two seater parts. Construction starts with the cockpits. Due to the parts layout there are two which are nearly identical. Each has a 3 part seat, side controllers and an instrument panel with the details provided as decals. Two pilot figures are supplied if the modeller wants to use them. The two completed cockpits are then installed into the D variant's upper front fuselage part. Moving to the lower fuselage the main wheel bay is built up and added. We then can assemble the main fuselage with the main and front top sections being joined to the lower one. 








At the front of the fuselage the main engine intake is assembled and joined on, and at the rear the exhaust nozzle is also added. The tailplanes and ventral fins can also go on  at this stage. as well as the arrestor hook. Flipping back the nose the nose cone and front bird slicer IFF antennas go on. Following this we flip straight back to the tail and attach the tail assembly. Work now moves to the undercarriage. The main gear legs and their retraction struts go in, these are followed by the main gear doors and the wheels. At the front the nose gear leg and its retraction strut are added along with the nose well bay door. 






To finish off the model a variety of small airframe fittings such as pitot tubes, nav lights blade antennas are added. If the canopy is to be posed open then the strut to open it needs to be fixed in to the frame in the middle of the canopy.  Pylons can be added. A wide array of stores are provided with this kit, however most of them wont be used. Having seen pictures of this aircraft from the Tigermeet it carries only an AIM-9L on the left wingtip and an AIM-9X on the left outer, with only a captive AMRAAM on the right outer pylon; this being in addition to the two tanks. Revel dont provide an AIM-9X in this kit The instructions show the mid wing pylon being attached but these were not loaded on the Tigermeet aircraft. 





A new sheet of decals from Cartograf (so no issues there!) provides a single colourful option of a Turkish Air Force aircraft from the NATO Tigermeet of 2014. This aircraft being from the 192nd Sqn.





This is a good tool from Revell and despite its age and many re-releases over the years the moulds seem to be holding up very well, the addition of a Tigermeet scheme is very welcome, though a little bit more research from Revell as to the configuration of the actual aircraft would have been nice. Again modellers will need to look at picture of the real thing to get it 100% accurate. Overall recommended. 





Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit

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One funny thing I noticed - current boxings have a V01.02 version on the decal sheet, instruction booklet and box, as compared to the V01.01 in the decal sheet pictured above, and omit the pilot names (decals 43 through 46).  


Google suggests this was changed at the request of the Turkish armed forces, since those specific pilots were said to have been involved in the alleged 2016 coup. 


So, if you want an accurate model of the 2014 Tiger Meet bird, better check if the box has a V01.01!





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I just bought this kit and realized it was the version with the pilot names removed. Thats a pity and my question is, is someone out in the community who could let me know these names so I could add them to my build. Offcourse I could just write xxxx. xxxxx as the text is very small, but for autenticy I would rather have the real names. If anyone could help i'd be mostly greatful.

Thanks //Anders

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