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Tu144LL and Tu144S

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My third entry into the Unarmed GB was this 1/144 ICM Tupolev Tu144, made to represent RA77114 in storage at Zhukovsky in about 2006, after the Tu160 engines had been replaced and it had ones that look like Tu144D engines with cones again.

I'm really not impressed with the aftermarket decals, first the fin decals were rubbish and I ended up painting the stripes, then I discovered the decal sheet is missing the top side serials for the wings. I've put up a wanted thread as other decals sheets include this scheme, so spares may be around, but if all else fails I can print them (another modeller has kindly offered to help with designing them as I don't have the correct font, if this is necessary). If I can get these sorted, there will be another update but if not, it's not the end of the world.


During the build, I also found some lost parts from a Revell Tu144S that I built two years ago (it's the same plastic as the ICM kit), so I finished that off as well despite it not being up to my current standards.

WIP thread:














CCCP77110, from two years ago.





Also my second unarmed GB entry was a little Tu144 model done up as CCCP77102 which crashed at Paris Airshow in 1973.



The two 1/144 Tu144s together:















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Great pair! (or rather triple). The canard wings and sloped nose gave look of a kind of mantis, very odd. I had in my youth a Plasticard Tu-144 in 1/100 (a prototype, true delta, no canard wings) so I am used to different look...




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A brace of beautiful builds ! Congratulation !


Always thought the aircraft resembled a dejected spaniel with the dropped canards.......

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They both look awesome, very very nice work

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