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I have a couple of quick connects for my airbrushes. However, in the interest of keeping my bench tidy when not working I’d love to have a quick connect for the other end, ie the compressor end. Does anyone know of such a thing?


It has a pretty hefty screw connection that takes ages to take on and off and causes mayhem with the hose twisting like a deranged anaconda.



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We have sold a number of people  a setup and  it works OK. 


It looks like the compressor has a 1/8th output coming out and an adapter to a 1/4 fitting for the hose you have.


All you need are the same two connectors that you have on the other end of the hose duplicated A £4 male quick release to screw onto the compressor output and  a hose connector the 6mm clear hose ( (£9).

Cut the old connector off the compressor end of the hose. slip the locking collar over the hose. Push the pointy bit at the back of the quick release adapter into the hose & screw the locking nut up. Doesn't need to be very tight.


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