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Border Models T-34 with spaced armour 1943

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I like T-34’s and I like “different”, so this ticked two boxes for me.




The spaced armour T-34’s were trailed in 1943 by the Soviets, but it was found that although the additional armour provided better protection, it was found to be largely ineffective against German 75mm and 88mm armour piercing ammunition, so the project was shelved.














The kit.

Overall a good model, which comes with PE and a metal barrel. Also a nice touch is the wooden box that it comes in. Saying that I did have a few problems:

1.      The suspension is moveable with springs included which is a nice touch, but I found the “workable” tracks quite fragile in places (i.e. they kept falling apart) so I ended up having to glue the tracks and then the suspension.

2.      The spaced armour is a bit of a pain. I didn’t help myself here as I primed the model before applying it. Saying that it doesn’t seem to line up to the mounting points on the turret and there are no locations at all on the hull.

3.      A word to the wise. If you do build this and use the spaced armour, remember to fill the holes for the grab handles on the hull sides before applying it. I only spotted this after painting, so it was a bit of a bodge to fill them in.


Maybe my problems were down to my lack of experience, as this is only about my 10th model since returning to the hobby after a nearly 40 year break.

Probably over weathered for the reality of the situation, but I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

Anyway, overall I enjoyed making this and feel I am starting to make sum progress with my modelling. I am even reasonably happy with the figure, which is something I thought I would never say!


Thanks for looking,


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Hi George


I was just looking through your posted models and saw this one. I hadn't realised they'd tried this on T-34s, its looks almost sci-fi to my eyes with the boxed in wheels and turret. Finish and weathering looks spot on

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