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  • 1 month later...

Here is my 1/72nd Valom Bristol Brigand B.Mk.1 finished as RH829, OB-M which was flown by the OC of 45 Sqn based at Tengah during Operation Firedog and Sqn. Ldr. Blythe1s standard is emblazoned on the nose. This aircraft joined the unit on 13th January 1949, it belly landed at Tengah on 21st December 1950 but was repaired and served on until 15th February 1952.

It was quite a taxing build but I`m happy to have it in my collection, here is the WIP;


And here is the model;







Thanks again for the wheels Lee! 




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Bristol Type 130 Bombay MkI, RAF No 271 Squadron, May 1940

Valom 1/72nd scale kit












No 217 Squadron was reformed in May 1940, formerly being No 1680 Flight at RAF Doncaster. The squadron was a transport unit, and comprised a motley collection of impressed civilian airliners and near-obsolete operational machines. The squadron's earliest task was supporting RAF operational squadrons in France, and L5813 BJ-P was performing just that role when it stalled on approach to Bétheniville airfield and crashed in a field.


You can read the crash report and find out more on this link.


This model is the first transport type to be built for my collection. Eventually, L5813 will be accompanied by a Handley Page Sparrow and a De Havilland DH91 Albatross, as representatives of the transport types used by No 271 Squadron during 1940.


The full story of the Bombay can be read on the Wikipedia page.


I had been looking forward to building this kit for some time, and the Bristol Aircraft Company GB proved the ideal excuse. Having seen other builds, I was expecting some problems. The build, however, was fairly pain free. As a short-run kit, the Bombay is not at all bad. Most of the parts fit well, there's enough added detail in the form of PE and resin to keep most folk happy, and the parts count is quite low for such a large model. 


I made several choices for my build. Various parts were provided as PE, which would be very vulnerable to damage. I decided to make replacements or source from my spares collection. I decided not to "waste" the PE for the wireless equipment, since it wasn't visible in the finished model. The Vickers GO gun "barrels" - short stubs of plastic that were impossible to remove from the runner tree cleanly - were substituted by parts from my spares box. While I wanted to build the 1940 option of L5813 that came in the box, I wasn't happy with the quality of the transfers provided. The colours seemed a little bright, and they were printed off register a little. This prompted me to finally acquire a Silhouette Cameo cutter and to produce my own paint stencils for the national markings. This led me into a small rabbit hole trying to work out exactly what Bombays of the period and of that squadron really looked like. Most reference photos are of Bombays in North Africa and the Middle East later in 1940, and not one image could I find of the first half of 1940. Eventually, by a process of logical deduction (a rare thing for me) I settled on the markings scheme you see in the photos above. If nothing else, it's a lot more accurate than the Valom transfers and colour scheme in the instructions. Main paint is Humbrol and Revell acrylics, brush painted, with various enamel colours airbrushed for the markings.


The WIP thread can be found here:



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Hiya Folks,..... to accompany the Brigand, here is my 1/72nd Valom Bristol Buckmaster, wearing the markings of 45 Sqn based at Tengah during Op Firedog, 1950`s. I had to do quite a bit of correction work on the engines,.... here is the WIP;


And here is the model;









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  • 2 weeks later...

Airfix 1/72nd Bristol Blenheim Mk.1.

211 Sqn. RAF, Greece.

OOB with Plastic Planet Club decals. Vallejo ModelAir paint throughout with 'Klear' Gloss and Vallejo Matt Varnishes to finish.



DSC_0014 (2)


DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0019 DSC_0012


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And now for something completly different...


Bristol Bloodhound

Resin and white metal kit in 1/48 scale


Here is Bristols most famous venture into the rocket age. I've had this in the stash since at least 2002 so I decided this GB was a good time to get this built. In fact I've had this kit so long I cant remember the manufacturer . Neither the box nor the instructions (single page of A4 with an exploded view) name the manufacturer. Even Scalemates have no record of this kit so if you can remind me then I'd appreciate it.


The missile is mainly resin with the booster nozzles in pewter. The launcher is totally white metal so consequently the finished model is quite stable. Quite a lot of detail is missing from the kit and the missile support is totally wrong. I made some modifications around the base of the missile and added the very conspicuous piping. No decals are provided so although the examples in the Swiss and Singapore air Force Museums have warnings, neither the Duxford or Point Cook examples do so I decided to leave it plain.


Quite a simple build of a quite unique subject. Overall it took a longer time than necessary due to trying to finish my Andover in the Unarmed GB.


















Thanks to @rob85 for moderating and for the original idea.


More pictures here in the Build log



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Bristol Blenheim iF

Aircraft Restoration Company. L6739. East Kirkby Airshow Aug 2017.

1/72 Airfix + Decals from spares box.


My build of Airfix's 1/72 Blenheim is inspired by the Aircraft Restoration Company's (ARCo) Blenheim IF display at the East Kirkby Airshow (Aug 2017)












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Hiya Folks,.... continuing my 45 Sqn theme here is a 1/72nd Airfix Blenheim Mk.I finished as an aircraft of 45 Sqn based in the Middle Eat in April 1940 before hostilities with Italy started,... and it wears a short lived temporary desert finish where the Dark Green of the Temperate Land Scheme was overpainted with a temporary coat of light stone,....... and it is thought that the unit code were applied in the opposite camouflage colours? The model was brush painted,..... as are the roughly applied temporary codes.

Here is the WIP;

Here is the model;









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Well this makes a pleasant change, being on the first page in the Gallery.


This is the original Frog kit, and I decided it would only be fitting to Finnish it complete with Skis. @vppelt68 was a big help in finding out what the real colours were as opposed to the guess that Frog provided.


I hope you like it


Cheers Pat









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  • 3 weeks later...

Bristol Freighter Mk31M, 9700, Royal Canadian Air Force, 137 Transport Flight, Langar, 1958.

This is the 1/72nd Fly kit, built largely from the box with a mixture of kit and homemade decals. 137 Transport flight was based for most of its existence in Europe at Langar in Nottinghamshire and used its five Freighters to ferry parts etc. around Canadian bases in Europe. Over the years, the appearance of the aircraft changed as radio and navigational aids changed, as well as lights and other minor airframe changes. The basic camouflage remained, but codes other markings changed. One thing the kit did get wrong was the use of the later Maple leaf centre to the roundel, which was altered by home printed overlays  It was quite a nice kit to build, especially considering its size and the provision of masks was a big plus.

Build thread is here






Thanks to Rob for organising this GB and Enzo for keeping an eye on us.

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It's late Autumn 1939 and Bristol Blenheim Mk1F of 23 Sqn waits at RAF Wittering for the crew to arrive:











Built from the Airfix kit with Eduard cockpit etch and mainly finished with Mr. Paint.


Unusually for me it's been finished well ahead of the GB end date!



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Sanger 1/48 Bristol Beaufort Mk1A  #42 in RAF No.2 Torpedo Training Unit, Castle Kennedy Scotland 1943  Print scale decals, 3d printed extras, engines, torpedo and bay, cockpit and rear turret. Navigation lights , antennas and flaps.






Thanks for viewing . you can find the WIP here:


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Hiya Folks,.... another one for the gallery,.... an AMP 1/48th Bristol Sycamore helicopter finished as an aircraft of 118 Sqn based in Northern Ireland to help the RUC deal with the Borders `Troubles' during the 1960`s. I used the 118 Sqn fighter bars from an old Hunter fighter sheet and spares box decals for mot of the rest,..... painted by rattle can, here is the WIP;  


And here is the model;










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This is my Beaufighter TF-X. I was based in Scotland in 489 Sqn March 1945.

The kit is 1/48 Revell. I found it a hard kit to build. The Codes are home made.

The final result Isn't as good as I would have liked. 

Also the gun got damage while I was taking the photos. It is fixed now. 


Beaufighter TF-X image F4


Beaufighter TF-X image F3


Beaufighter TF-X image F2


Beaufighter TF-X image F5


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Here is my completed 1/72 Libramodels vacform Bristol Scout. It was a great little kit to put together, and went like a dream. There are a few errors in it, but I had lots of help during the build. The main paintwork was with Humbrol enamels, with some acrylic detailing and for the silver nose area. Markings were the original Libramodels ones supplied, but the Union Jacks are from a Pegasus sheet, albeit too small - the Libramodels flags were out of register. The build log (with errors!) is here if you would like to see it:


Anyway, the pictures:




DSCN7843 (2)








Thanks to all who dropped in and 'liked', viewed and commented. This has been a wonderful Group Build and I commend you all on the quality of the builds!


All the best, Ray

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Polish F2.B Fighter

This is the Airfix kit (from 1957), built pretty much OOB, but with a few little tweaks.  The build thread is here if you would like to see more.

It has been rigged using stretched, silver coloured sprue which seems to glow quite alarmingly in the photo booth! It looks much less prominent in natural daylight ;).


IIRC, the Polish Air Force were the second largest users of the Brisfit (after the RAF), although only a couple had Rolls Royce engines.  This example is quoted as being in Warsaw in 1920 and reportedly had PC10 on all upper surfaces (including the engine cowlings).














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This is my 1/48 Revell Beaufighter TF mk. X.  The build wasn't without a little aggro but I'm very pleased with how she came together in the end.  She's OOB other than the seatbelts and exhausts.  I had planned to paint the markings on but bailed out due to time constraints, so ended up using the decals supplied by Revell.  Paints were my usual Colourcoats.


She's shown in the colours of 489 Sqn RNZAF in 1944.  I haven't been able to find out much about the aircraft itself, or who flew it, other than in this famous picture of the aircraft the crew are named as the pilot being P/O E.F.G.Burrowes DFC and the navigator F/S D.A.Young: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.forcedlandingcollection.se%2FRAFe%2FRAF057-NE745.html&psig=AOvVaw3AjjxkKiFrsmURROYk5QC9&ust=1633190314366000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAkQjRxqFwoTCKDHt5bKqfMCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAL




(Forced Landing Collection, although readily available online from many sources.)


P/O Burrowes survived the war and returned to New Zealand; I'm unable to find out anything regarding F/S Young, unfortunately.




















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