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Romanian IAR Bf 109 Ga-6

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Here is a late Bf 109 from the licensed production by IAR.

15 Ga-4 and 60 Ga-6 were built between 1944-1947.

Main factory IAR Brasov was more or less bombed out in april-may 1944 and the production continued in an IAR work shop in Caransebes.




The kit is the old Hasegawa and with RB Production decals and the typical IAR bulges for the MG131.

Easy camoflage, almost everything is dipped in AMT-7


This is one of two 109s from Regimentul 180 in Rosjori that defected to Yugoslavia 1952.

Flight leader Captain Gh. Gheorghiu in 363 and his wingman Lt. Bores Constantin in no 319




Post war 109 in Romania

319 with a collapsed landing gear

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16 minutes ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Ive never heard of this variant before with those tear drop bulges. Looks as if the mate to the forward part of the standard G6 bulges ? 

ICAR Brasov production of the G-6.

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