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XP-47J Superbolt


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I recall we had some discussion on this P-47 variant a while back, but I found a couple of photos that I don't recall seeing before, so I have posted links to them below, as well as a description/specs/ IIRC, Koster did a 1/48 conversion, and there were also a couple of short run conversions/kits in 1/72 scale, but I don't recall who did all of them- Sharkit was one, I think. The fastest Jug of them all, and I believe it was  the only US single-engine prop-driven aircraft to top 500 mph in WW2. That's pushing a 7-ton milk bottle pretty darned fast!


photo caption stated this was taken at an airshow at Wright-Patterson Field in 1947



photo taken   at Farmingdale after a test flight



history, specs, and photos


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31 minutes ago, The wooksta V2.0 said:

I think MPM did one but was one of their really early ones in chocolate plastic.

I know they did an XP-47H with the Chrysler inline engine, as I have one, and it is in a really bilious brown plastic, but was not aware they had done the XP-47J, too.


I have a 1/72 conversion that has a resin cowling, spinner, and a very crude vacform lower fuselage, but I have no idea who made it. The cowling and spinner are very nicely done, but the vacform piece is pretty crude and doesn't appear to be accurate, anyway. I do have 1/72 scale drawings, so can use them to modify the lower fuselage of a Tamiya razorback. Hardest part will be altering the rear deck behind the canopy and making a new transparency piece to cover it- wish the conversion I have included a new canopy, but I can make a new master using  the Tamiya kit canopy.

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