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Diorama size for photography outdoors

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Good afternoon, 


I was planning to photograph some larger (1:32 or 1:24) scale planes outdoors in a way that their diorama base blends with the background (e.g. an airfield type setting).

I was wondering if there was a tutorial on this somewhere? my searching how not found one.

My main concerns are that I presume the diorama (i.e. base that the model is sitting on) must be quite large (much large than a typical display base) or the limit of the base will be clearly visible, is this correct? For a 1:32 scale plane what size base would be recommended?

I also presume the base should "ride" at the edge to form a hill/mound or other break from the natural background, otherwise, again, the end of the base would be clear in the photograph.


Any and all tips welcome! I know this could be done with trial and error, but I can imagine this being a lengthy process if I start from scratch and experiment.


Thanks very much



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