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MFH 1/12 Mercedes Benz C11

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Hello everyone, this is Kenneth from Hong Kong.


I would like to share with you the progress of my build of the 1/12 MFH Mercedes Benz C11.  The car I wish to build is C11 #31 which won the 5th place of the 1991 Le Mans.  The car is driven by K. Wendlinger, M. Schumacher and F. Kreutzpointner.


My knowledge about sports car is limited so do correct me if you find any incorrect in the narratives.  Your valuable comments is welcomed.


I start the kit with the assembly of the roll cage and engine holder and below is some photos taken during the process.


White metal parts are filed and polished.



Chassis, engine, gearbox, roll cage and engine holder are temporary assembled and their position fixed.



The roll cage and the engine holder are joint by solder.  All joints are filed and polished.



Though most of the roll cage will be covered by the body, it's fun to treat it seriously.



Roll cage dismounted.



Next I shall build the chassis and shall update this thread from time to time.


Thanks for watching





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Welcome to the forums Kenneth, that's a great start on another excellent looking MFH kit of a car I really like!


Some excellent soldering to get the cage looking so good!


Looking forward to seeing it progress :)



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Welcome and welcome to that gorgeous MFH kit! You will find a number of Model Factory Hiro fans here (myself very much included). I'm really looking forward to seeing this build. I met the whole Sauber team at Le Mans '91 but I have to say that from scrutineering onwards I had my eyes mainly on the Mazda team. I was hoping that Yojiro Terada might take a well-deserved victory but in the end the result was still awesome.


The C11 was one of my favourite Group C cars, but I only took a few photos of the #31 car that year. I hope these may be of use: two photos taken during scrutineering and two during practice & race:










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Thanks for your warm welcomes and the reference photos for the C11.  It’s a great help in painting the model.


I have completed the first stage of building the cockpit and radiator frame.  It takes me around 30 hours.


C11’s chassis, cockpit, radiator frame and the wing are built from carbon fibre.  MHF creates them from resin and simulates the appearances of carbon fibre by means of a lot of carbon decals.






Here’s how I execute the MFH’s idea.


The resin cockpit and the radiator frame are prepared and primed with gloss black.  Primed with gloss black not only provides a smooth base for the decals, it also eliminates the need to re-touch the decals’ borders in case that they are not perfectly matched.




Next step is to apply the decals.  Since MFH does not provide decals for the sidewalls and the floor of the cockpit, I create them from scratch.




Then the kit’s decals applied.  They are not difficult to apply, all you need is patience.  When their application is completed, they are sealed with several coats of gloss clear.




Here are some pictures of the temporarily assembled cockpit and radiator frame.






For the next stage for the cockpit, I am going to install its white metal parts.




I am looking forward to posting the next update.  Thanks for watching.




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Thanks you all for your encouragements.


Here’s a small update.  I’ve completed the seatbelt system.  The seatbelt system comprises white metal parts, etched parts, ribbon and stickers.




Thanks for watching.


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The work on the cockpit continues smoothly.


Pedals and the steering mechanism installed



Aftermarket rivets inserted



The three resin parts of the cockpit are merged; engine control unit is attached and wirings will be added later




Front suspension and steering system completed, not all the contact points require CA glue, if applied it will be difficult to do the adjustments to the parts




White “bottles/containers” are installed but I don’t know what they are 😅




Here’s the end of this update.  Thanks for watching.


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Really nice detailing Kenneth, good update! The front suspension looks very realistic!


The white bottles I believe are the clutch/brake master cylinder and possibly power steering fluid resevoirs with the big one being the coolant overflow tank (or maybe screenwash container? )



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Posted (edited)

There are at least six model shops in MongKok / Yau Ma Tei Districts, some emphasise on kits and materials, some emphasise on aftermarket accessories, do pay a visit to them when you visit Hong Kong next time.



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I'm late to the party here, but I have enjoyed catching up on the build so far. Beautiful work, and can't wait to see how it progresses.

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