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First Responders - Pentagon 9/11/2001

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FIRST RESPONDERS - Pentagon 9/11/2001

On September 11, 2001, five militant hijackers crashed a U.S. passenger airliner, American Flight 77, into the Pentagon, headquarters of the United States Department of Defence near Washington D.C. Minutes beforehand another two hijacked airliners were flown into both World Trade Centre towers in New York City. A fourth hijacked Airliner abruptly impacted in the vicinity of an uninhabited area of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. This day became known as ‘9/11’ (Nine Eleven).


Today, almost 20 years later, for a lot of people around the world, not just people in the United States, 9/11 is a vivid memory. Most people can remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news. Many people recognise their own life as before 9/11 and the life they live after the event. The world would never be the same again. But for many younger people, the events of Sept 11th 2001 are not a living memory, but something learned secondhand. Perhaps similar to how most of us today learned about WWII and other historical events. These young people have been born into a world where global insecurity is now more prevalent than during the Cold War.


First Responders decal set is not about politics, conspiracy theories or global events. It is about a small fragment of 9/11 and perhaps a good starting point to research history from another angle. This decal set is dedicated to an old workhorse and the people who kept it flying, a machine which found itself on the front line once again, this time during the tragic events of September 11th 2001. UH-1H and UH-1V subjects provided in this decal set were part of the evacuation and recovery operation, they also undertook search and rescue operations after the initial impact at the Pentagon. These Hueys and their crews, like other emergency services present at the Pentagon attacks, were just another element of the overall rescue effort. But it is worthy to mention they are present in much of the recorded film footage and images recorded at that time there. That means that these Hueys and their crews were present on the scene for a very long time, and they deserve to be documented and represented. We want to recognise their efforts that day and this is what inspired us to produce this decal set.


This decal set required much research, investigating and eventual art work. I have to say thanks to many amazing people who helped with this project, but special thanks to Dave Rosenthal, Ray Wilhite, Tony Knouf, Eric Cmeyla and Timothy Stallings. Their support and information was crucial.


Although there are only four main subjects in this set, there are bonus decals included too. The bonus decal sheet gives you the chance to build alternative subjects – based on your personal research (Hueys from Vietnam until today, Blackhawks, Lakotas, Kiowas...). This decal set is mostly dedicated to the Military District of Washington and National Guard Hueys, but there are enough markings for some more subjects too. I have to apologize to other services, I know that there were many more Hueys and other helicopters on the scene. I made a small list of all units and services that were part of the rescue operations there.


Since many of you already have this set in your stash you will find some extra stuff in the following days here in this thread. Stay tuned.
Feel free to comment or ask any question you may have.


– Decal sheet for 4 subjects, and a lot of bonus decals and markings
– Background stories, history and details
– Photo quality profiles and instructions
– Detailed UH-1H/V Huey upgrades guide
– Colors, painting and weathering guide
– Small National Guard sticker
– Recommended literature and related video links
– Personal notes area


Very limited edition
Find out more: http://paulusvictor.com















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Hello dear Friends,


Here is a small topic to answer several F.A.Q.s about the First responders decal set (1/72 and 1/48):


1. Yes, this set works just fine with Vietnam era D/H Hueys. Stencils and font sizes were more or less the same like on the late H/V Huey versions. You can combine this set with Werner Wings sets with no problems or use this set for generic Vietnam era Hueys without nose art or unit badges. The only thing you don't have in the First responders set are yellow or white stencils which were pretty rare.


2. In 1/48 First Responders decals works fine with KittyHawk and Italeri Hueys. In 1/72 works with Italeri kit - not sure how good the others are.


3. Primary subjects are National Guard and Military District of Washington Hueys, but Yes, you can use these National Guard door stickers on other subjects. These generic letters and numbers could be used for other subjects too, but please compare the size and shape first since I don't have all these kits in my stash for comparison. ... Since I don't want to use other peoples photos, here are only links with some potential use of NG door stickers.


OH-6A Cayuse



















OH-58 Kiowa










UH-60 Blackhawk




CH-47 Chinook





UH-72 Lakota










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On September 11, 2001, hijackers crashed a U.S. passenger airliner, American Flight 77, into the Pentagon, headquarters of the United States Department of Defence near Washington D.C.


Bell UH-1V 74-22425 was the first D.C. National guard Huey in front of the Pentagon 09/11/2001 as part of the 121st Medical Company (AA). This was a medical unit and Air Ambulance. Units mission was to provide aeromedical evacuation and support, Search and Rescue and Air crash rescue support. During 2001 they were based at Davison Army Airfield, Fort Belvoir, VA.


You will find this Huey in many videos and publications since this one was photographed very often (also very often named as UH-1H which is wrong).

The very known photo is from the U.S. National Archives, it was published very often in various print and digital media. This photo is in fact from the morning of September 12th 2001. It shows this UH-1V standing by, in the event that injured survivors are found among the charred debris inside the Pentagon.




Most of the currently available UH-1 Huey kits do not contain enough required parts to build correct UH-1V 74-22425. First responders decal set contains detailed guide with required modifications for your kit.

The set also contains a detailed painting guide since many of UH-1 Huey helicopters had many unique features.

Few photo links:




Few videos for your research:



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K22xhPPonoA FastForward to >>1:29





Find out more: http://paulusvictor.com/



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