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Messerschmitt Bf109E Multi Aircraft Take Off

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1 hour ago, Ozzy said:

Blimey Alistair, I’ve not even started 1 you’ve got 4 nearly together. Nice start.

Thanks Ozzy . With an E1 two E3's and an E4 theres more e numbers than in a BigMac (Please McDonalds dont sue me )

21 minutes ago, modelling minion said:

Good to see the production line moving forward, and all looking very nice indeed.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks MM it does seem to move but ow so slowly. it seems about 1/4 speed of other builds iv done . han#vnt worked out why yet :)

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                                                Zombie -Manga Pilots





I think im pleased with how they came out  as long as they dont come and eat me .




Anti gravity devices now attached with bionic bonding agent to each aircraft .




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                                         Chapter two......Feeling Deflated



All was seeming to be gooing well ,if at a snails pace when gravity suddenly poped its head up and anounced that Airfix had provided weighed tyres . All well and good for an aircraft on the ground or an aircraft in flight with its undercarriage up but no use to one with its undercarge down but the aircraft in the air . I shall be writing to Airfix HQ to register a complaint  about their glairing ommision .


First thoughts were to buy some after market resin ones . cheapest ones i could find added up to around £10 for two pairs . this was just about the same price as the heavy discounted kits . Seems daft to double the price of the build with just a few wheels .


I have spent a bit of time comming up with a solution to de weight the tyres . Ie take out the bulge and make them round.




I sanded off the bulge ,glued on a strip of plastic card ,sanded back the card and then rescribed the tred.


Just under half way .





The money saved has alowed me to order 4 sets of Propblurs from the US .

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On 29/06/2021 at 17:09, Mottlemaster said:

Posted for no other reason but to show off !!

Now that's going to be impressive, A Vulcan and 4 109s in a mass scramble. :idea:

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  • 1 month later...

I have just posted some pictures of finished diorama to the gallery . Sorry for the abrupt end to my build thred but pressure of time , life events etc didnt give me any spare brain space to keep the momentum of  posting up . Im pleased to have got the idea put in to practice .Thanks to all  the organisers and the rest of you for a superb GB



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