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Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-10 (White 44) 1/72 AZ Model

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Very neat build!


But I feel (my own humble opinion…) that the panel joints are much too heavily emphasised, lending the model a somewhat toy-like look.


The longitudinal fuselage joints are IRL all but invisible…;-)


Kind regards,



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Stunning work.

Unfortunate to hear about it being a difficult build as a have one in the stash.

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14 hours ago, MDriskill said:

Very nice work! 


I'd be interested to hear about how you deal with the infamous fuselage gaps on that kit! "Difficult to build" is an understatement.

Yes I would be curious to hear your experience as I have about 4 of these in the stash and they look real nice in the  box. 


Lovely result on this as the 109 looks fetching in the all-76 colour scheme and the RAF roundels give it a splash of colour. 



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Beautifully done and finished though I too think the panel lines are over-emphasised, but that is a personal opinion. I prefer a more subtle highlighting.

I've got several AZ Models Bf 109s in my stash and I have only used one for a Kora conversion so I still haven't experienced that "difficult to build" comment. Oh dear!



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Looks great and I really like the panel lines as they are. I have built a few of these and it depends on the variant - I built the G-6AS (AZ7509) and had a lot of challenges with fuselage fit. But I have also built G-2 (AZ7466) and had no issues at all

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Hi Guys,


I am glad you enjoy my work. Well, the general problem with this kit is that the fuselage is too narrow so you cannot assemble the cockpit and there is a huge gap between fuselage and wings. To solve it I had to put 0,5mm plastic sheet to the halves and then reconstruct details lost during sanding. I think this problem is typical to G-6 A/S, G-14 A/S and G-10 kits as they all are based on the same fuselage in AZ Model kits. But I have to say that although it requires lots of work, it may look really eye-catchy when you finish it. 


BTW, there was some reissue of these kits (new tool) and they are supposedly corrected by the producer - don't know, didn't check it. 


Here are some in-progress photos of my G-6 A/S so you can see what needs to be done. 











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I have about eight including G-12 and Avia versions, oh well !




P.S. Nice work on the Gustav !

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The ‘reissue’ new tools do go together a little easier - at least you can get the cockpit between the fuselage halves without too much hassle and the wing/fuselage gap is not quite so bad..great work by the way!

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nice build and a very interesting scheme.

Which G-10 kit of AZ model did you take?

The plane should be a Mtt Regensburg product (?). AZ have the other factories Erla, Diana, WNF as kits.

Which is the nearest for a non-rivet-counter ? 

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from my neck of the wood, I had not heard anything challenging about these AZ 109s. I was thinking about purchasing a couple of Gs, but I think I will wait a tad....

Coward? Me?


I love your build.


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A nice build of a difficult kit.  The weathering is your choice of representing this kit and your artistic license.  I appreciate the effort that went into it and thanks for sharing.

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On 29/05/2021 at 13:37, Berto said:

Hi Chaps,


This is 12th Bf-109 in 1/72 scale I have built. AZ Model kit (difficult to build), Rising Decals and Mr Paint :)
















Well done.



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