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Syrian Veterans - MiG-21 and MiG-23

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SYRIAN VETERANS was PaulusVictors first set in 1/72 and 1/48 scale

I wanted to make one unique set with old Syrian MiGs from the recent Syrian Conflict for a very long time.. This set took several years of research, drawing and investigating. It was really difficult to find good reference material to finish this set the way I wanted. I have to say thanks to many good people who helped me with this project, but special thanks to Tom Cooper. His support and information was crucial. We spent a lot of time on chat and e-mail. I have to thank him here once again.


Syrian Veterans – Mig-21bis, MiG-23MF and MiG-23BN subjects provided in this decal set were delivered to Syrian Arab Air Force between 1979-1985. These served long after their designated airframe life expectancy. Refurbished locally they continued to fly throughout most of the Syrian Conflict. In the next few posts after this initial one in this thread I will present each aircraft with some reference stuff I collected.

Although there are only three main subjects in this set, there is a bonus decal sheet included too. The bonus decal sheet gives you the chance to build alternative subjects – based on your personal research, but I will publish a few new subjects  that could be completed with these additional markings. That will make this set even more valuable in the future.


Since many of you already have this set in your stash you will find some extra stuff in the following days here in this thread. Stay tuned.
Feel free to comment or ask any question you may have.


– Decal sheet for 3 SyAAF MiG aircraft
– Bonus decal sheet that gives you more build options.
– Background stories, history and details
– Photo quality profiles and instructions
– Aircraft detail guide – Colors, painting and weathering guide
– How to make authentic display base guide
– Small Syrian roundel sticker
– Recommended literature and related video links
– Personal notes area

Very limited edition
Find out more: http://paulusvictor.com













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MiG-23BN Flogger-H (2410),

Syrian Arab Air Force, Al-Dumayr AB, Syria, 2016.


Mig-23BN in Syrian service is often mistaken for Mig-27, however SyAAF never procured the latter. Although similar in appearance, there are many different features.

This MiG-23BN was from the second batch delivered in 1979-1980. There is a receiving antenna of the EW device ‘Siren’ SPS-141 visible under the numbers. First batch were more simplified BNs without advanced electronic equipment.

The Delta guidance pod, necessary to guide the Kh-23M missile, was removed from the right wing root on this MiG-23BN. Since the Kh-23 was expensive and very hard to deploy for a pilot from a single-seat jet, all MiG-23BNs were usually armed with various unguided bombs or rocket pods. This MiG-23BN has been repaired with a horizontal stabilizer from another MiG-23BN.

Almost all MiG-23BNs were equipped with locally developed flare dispensers, fitted on both sides of the tail fin. These dispensers were in fact modular units with different calibre’s of cartridges used.


There was a lot of good footage that was removed from the web over time, but here is one short video - you can use it for a reference.

MiG-23BN 2410 on Youtube



If you wish to build this MiG-23 with its original horizontal stabilizer, simply paint that stabilizer similar to the other one. Almost all MiGs painted in green and orange-sand had an almost symmetrical color scheme on both sides.

For some reason, most of the MiG-23BN kits in all scales have some serious shape and detail accuracy issues - even the most modern ones. If you want, primarily check the nose area, and then intakes, tail shape, air brakes, panel layout and similar.

In the last Italeri MiG-23 1/48 box, you will find decals and markings for this aircraft, but use this scheme guide instead because the one in the box is not really correct.



Find out more: http://paulusvictor.com

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MiG-21bis Fishbed-L (2306),

Syrian Arab Air Force, Hama AB, Syria, 2015.


This Mig-21bis was delivered to SyAAF in early 1980's. Initially the MiG-21 fleet was to be decommissioned in 2011, however due to the recent Conflict, SyAAF Command postponed the Mig-21’s retirement. The SyAAF’s maintenance personel and logistical support operation played an important role in ensuring the ageing MiGs could not only be kept flying but also so consistently. All of Syria’s MiG-21s have been overhauled locally. When completed, the aircraft gets Jets Refurbishment Plant logo applied to it. This MiG-21bis has been repaired with a spare wing from another MiG-21. It is easy to recognize the poor wing fit and the different color shades of the wing and body. There are green and orange-sand color demarcation lines that also do not match. That was probably done long after the major overhaul. This MiG was heavily weathered with faded paint and markings.


The Syrian MiG-21s were primarily dedicated to air-to-ground operations, armed with locally manufactured unguided bombs and/or forward firing rocket pods. Some MiG-21 aircraft also had locally improvised two flare dispensers each positioned underneath the aircraft at the rear of the fuselage, but not this one which is very unusual. MiGs operated short distances from their air bases, which reduced their need to carry drop tanks. It is suggested each aircraft flew up to 8 combat sorties per day.

This MiG-21bis 2306 became famous in 2015. during the visit of a few Russian and Arab reporters to Hama AB.


Find out more: http://paulusvictor.com



Hama AB (2015)


In Action (2014)



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